Chapter 3: A Cold Dark Place

A soft chilling wind rolled through a concrete room, sending a shiver down Lynn Carmichael’s spine. Rope rubbed against her wrists causing a slight rash to break out on her skin. Her shoulders ached from her arms being tied behind her back. She opened up her eyes only to find out that it was pitch black. There was a cool feeling through her jeans, something cool like concrete beneath her.

Lynn fidgeted with her binds and struggled to break out of them. She didn’t seem to be able to free herself right now without some sort of assistance. She let out a heavy sigh, leaning her head against the rough surface. ‘Come on…there has got to be something I can use to get myself out of here…But if I get out I’ll have to sneak out of wherever the hell this is and get past all those guys then find my way back to my friends.’ She thought, closing her eyes.

She had to consider her options carefully. If she stayed put until they decided to release her because of boredom she’d be good to go, right? Unless the Sheffield Snakes had something planned for her friends to get them something they wanted, a ransom of sorts. But what could they want that her friends could get them and only them? If she tried to escape and judging by their recent behavior towards her with a gun…they might shoot her or worse…kill her and for what? What was so important to them that they’d kidnap someone?

It was all messed up and she had to come up with a plan… She always had a plan. She could come up with a plan no matter what the circumstance was. It was who she was…the leader.

Lynn opened up her eyes and the difference this time was that she was focusing on getting her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the area. Her fingers grazed against the concrete floor, searching for something…anything she could use to help her. Even if it was just getting some light in the room so she could see what she was dealing with exactly.

She shifted her weight slightly to the right, moving her palms to press against the concrete floor. She lifted herself off the ground and moved her legs out from underneath herself. She felt a tightness around her ankles and the same rope feeling as around her wrists. With a little luck, she was able to wiggle herself into a comfortable position to search around for any sort of misplaced random forgotten item that she could use to loosen herself from her bonds to be one step closer to getting herself out of this cold dark place.

Her fingers brushed against a metal cylindrical object as she had reached all the way to her left. She wrapped her fingers around the object and took it in her hand, working it around to lodge it into the small space between the rope and her wrists. She wiggled it around, pulling her wrists apart.

“Come on…just a little more.” Lynn muttered to herself, grunting a little bit as she worked at the rope around her hands.


A door swung open and a rush of light had entered the room, leaving as quickly as it had come, leaving a sliver of light just enough to navigate the room. The metal cylinder clanked against the concrete floor and she gasped slightly, jumping at the sudden noise.

The door was left open just a crack as footsteps neared the tied up raven haired woman who quickly scrambled to hide the cylinder from her captors behind her back, straightening her back against the brick wall. The cylinder pressed against her spine and she shifted around slightly.

The footsteps stopped right in front of Lynn’s seated form and kneeled down to her height, lifting her chin with his finger. “Well well well…you seem to be doing well Lynn Carmichael, despite your tight situation.” He commented. “In case you didn’t know, I am the actual leader behind the Sheffield Snakes. You can call me Ophiuchus. Ophi for short if you can’t seem to manage to remember the full name.” His finger stroked her chin slowly before flicking her chin up.

Lynn looked up, her eyes not adjusted to the light just yet and the stream of light that was coming in from the light on the other side of the door had been causing a shadow over the captors face. She couldn’t make out any distinguishing features of him and she scoffed at the name. “…I’ll keep that in mind.” She said coldly to him, her glare making it through the small bit of light drifting into the room.

Ophiuchus grabbed her chin and held it tightly in-between his fingers. “I wouldn’t back talk me if I were you. You are under my care. I can free you or keep you here. It is all under my command.” He threatened, his tone wasn’t cold or dark. It was simple, straight forward, to the point. It was chilling how monotone and emotionless his tone was. How calm it was. She knew immediately that he wasn’t joking. That he meant what he had said.

Goosebumps spread across her skin and her hair raised on the back of her neck. Her body trembled ever so slightly. She understood her situation and she needed to lie low if she was going to make it out of here safely. She needed to follow the rules or else she wasn’t going to be alive by the end of this. “…I get it. Behave and I’ll make it out of here safely.” She took a deep breath, attempting to calm her nerves if that was possible for this situation.

His other hand had trailed down her jaw, neck, and ending up behind her back. His fingers touched the cylindrical metal pole and he forced her forward, taking it from her. “I’ll be confiscating this from you.” He said, shoving her against the bricks. “I’ll bring you food later. I may have you here, but I won’t have you starve. I need you alive…for now.” He stood to his full height and lightly pounded his shoulder with it. “Catch you later Lynn.” He left with those last words, closing the door with a bang and locking it behind himself.

Lynn jumped as the door had slammed behind the man. Still, she hadn’t gotten a good look at him and her breathing had gotten heavy with fear. She had never faced anything like this. It was like the man had known her, known how she worked and used it against her. It freaked her out to her core. She was always the calm one. The one could figure out a plan and do it well. But this…this was a different ball game and it scared her.

She felt an overwhelming amount of emotion hit her like the brick wall behind her and her eyes had welled up with tears. A single tear had fallen down her cheek before more had followed. She brought her knees closer to her body and laid her head down against her knees, letting the tears flow and wet the material of her jeans.

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