A Poem About a Crush

This is the first commission I had ever done for someone. It is a poem about a crush.

Word Count: 119

There she was, sitting by the window.

Her blue-eyed gaze drifting out of the clear glass.

Raven hair waterfalled down her neck and shoulders.

Her red clothes complimented her porcelain skin and contrasted with her dark locks.

She was like no other with her distant stare.

Many boys had tried their hand at courting her.

But to no avail.

For there was only one boy who had truly cared for her and cherished her beauty.

That boy, was me.

I quite seemed more ordinary and average than to most who had wished to court the lovely lady.

But I had known her for ages before anyone else.

Though my feels my go unrequited, they are true and right.

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