The Adventures of Blade, Scythe, and Kiba

This is the second commission I had done for someone back in October again. It revolves around their three characters; Blade, Scythe, and Kiba who are Gods who are fighting off boredom.

Word Count: 3,518

The day seemed like any other. Quite frankly a little boring to anyone’s taste. Everything seemed quite bland. Something desperately needed to change. At least, that is what Blade thought to himself as he had sat upon a chair with his most trusted friends and allies sitting next to him. The same friends and allies that he had known for ages. Though the relationship he currently had with them were that of lovers. The three of them were in a polyamorous relationship.

The Demon King sighed heavily and a yawn had escaped him as he rested his cheek against his palm with his elbow resting on the arm of the chair. He needed some sort of stimulation and he felt as though Scythe and Kiba needed it as well. He could see it on the expression that laid on their face.

His scarlet viper-like eyes had set upon their forms and he breathed through his nose, his forked tongue licking his lips slightly. Scythe’s aqua hair draped elegantly down her form to her knees like it always had seemed to be like since the moment he had met her in the camp up in the mountains after her father and mother had saved him, Kim and Amity. She had dawned on a long elegant white dress. It was nothing fancy, just something simple and plain as it was her outfit for hanging around the castle when it was most likely just the three of them around without much if any disturbances from apprentices or minions. She lightly tapped her fingers on the table in front of her to a soft beat she had in her head, though she knew not where it had come from. Perhaps it was her mother or on one of their adventures to a different world to cure their boredom. Which it seemed like they had needed right about now.

Meanwhile, Kiba had dawned on a black short sleeved shirt with matching black pants. He had sat in his chair backwards with his chin resting on the top of the chair. His deep purple eyes had a bored sunken expression set into them. He kept clenching and unclenching his fists in pure boredom in attempts to entertain himself just a little, but to no avail. His black wolf ears on the top of his head had twitched subconsciously. His fingers had tapped incessantly on the wooden table in front of all of them.

They currently resided in the dining hall of the large castle that Blade had acquired from becoming the Demon King from the previous Demon King, Scythe’s father. It wasn’t quite time to eat nor were any of them all that hungry either. Blade had had enough of this boredom and decided that he needed to take it into his own hands to entertain them as well as himself. He rose from his chair and in a single movement, he had reached his two closest allies, friends, and lovers. “Come, let’s find something to entertain us. Perhaps another land. One we have not visited previously. I’m feeling a little medieval, how about you two?” He had proposed as he had taken both of their hands and led them out of the room into another as he had opened up a door with his spiked onyx tail. Inside of that door sat a large swirling portal that took up the entire space of the door.

Neither Kiba nor Scythe had disagreed with him and went with Blade regardless if they had any qualms about accompanying him on a new adventure to cure their boredom. In fact, they had all looked to one another and exchanged smiles. Blade glanced down at Scythe and over to Kiba, asking them without saying a word if they were ready to begin something new, go on a new adventure in hopes of curing their boredom.

Since they had all known one another for so long, words were not as apparent or necessary as they once were when they were all children. The Dread Wolf God had nodded his head, the Half-Angel Half-Demon had followed suit with a nod of her own.

Together, they all walked into the portal hand-in-hand. The portal disappeared in a spiral pattern as the three of them had passed through it. It spat them out in a different time period, in a different land. It was not quite immediately apparent where the portal had spat them out in besides it being in the Medieval era.

It all became clear when they had spotted 12 knights riding atop of horses with a certain crest upon the saddles of the horses. It had red fabric with a golden dragon sewn onto it. It was the crest of Camelot. The streets were filled with cobblestone ground and cobblestone walls around the kingdom. There were many houses made of planks of wood on this lower part of the kingdom’s land. The three of them looked up towards the large brick castle. The same crest that was on the horses’ saddles was hanging on the castle attached to poles.

Blade wore a smile on his face as he knew where they were, what role he could put himself into. He would put himself into the role of King Arthur Pendragon while Kiba as Sir Lancelot and Scythe as Guinevere. It was simple for him to transform himself into King Arthur and help the others get into their roles for the new ‘game’ of theirs.
He certainly couldn’t hold himself back when he took on this role. He was excited to see what would unfold this time around with this new ‘game’. The others seemed to have their own excitement and they seemed to not mind in the least in fitting themselves into their roles.

Blade’s form had changed from the scarlet hair and eyes along with forked tongue and spiked tail to something more fitting to the part. His hair had quickly changed from a scarlet hue to a golden blond, his eyes changing from the scarlet viper eyes to a more pleasant blue color. He had seemed to lose the tail and his tongue had merged into a normal human tongue. He had applied a restraint to his powers to make him more human to fit the role. He had transformed his clothing as well to something more suitable. His normal clothing that consisted of a grey coat with a lighter grey fur collar, a black shirt and matching black pants to a white shirt with a light tan jacket and maroon pants.

Scythe had changed into a more fitting aqua dress with long sleeves that had split at the elbows for accessibility to be able to do more with the ability to roll up her sleeves if she must to keep them from getting dirty. She wore flat black shoes made from fabric with some sort of…almost rubbery substance at the sole of the shoe to keep the bottoms from getting wet or ruined in an attempt to make them last longer.
Kiba had changed a Knight of the Round Table outfit which consisted of chainmail armor with a large piece of fabric with the Camelot crest thrown over the chainmail armor. It was to show that he had represented the Kingdom of Camelot and that he was the Knight of the Round Table to those who knew what all the garb had meant. Once he had changed into his complete outfit, he had made his way over to a well and glanced at his reflection, grinning to himself a bit. “Hey, I look good in all of this garb. I may keep it for later.” He said mainly to himself, though he knew that his two partners had heard exactly what he said and knew what he had implied with the inflection he had given to it. It was a sly little inflection towards the last sentence that implied much more of something that a child wouldn’t be able to pick up on, but most adults would. Like Scythe and Blade.

Scythe had followed suit to see what she had looked like with this Medieval dress on. It wasn’t much different than what she would normally wear around the castle or around anywhere really. But it did have an air of appeal to it that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She hummed softly to herself. “I may have to keep this outfit as well. It is very fitting.” The dress had fallen at just the right length on her, just barely skirting the ground. As she was looking at her reflection, a crown had materialized up on her head, but more feminine than the one that now laid on Blade’s head.

Blade was ecstatic that both Scythe and Kiba had been so enthusiastic on the choice of destination he had for this new ‘game’ of theirs. Especially being excited for the roles that he had chosen them to play. He seemed to know what roles they had all preferred during any of the ‘games’ they had played. He wrapped his arms around both of their shoulders’ and pulled them close to his form in a friendly manner.

Kiba seemed a little less than enthusiastic manner about all of that, but he went along with it as best as he could for the moment. He half-expected Blade to take the leading role like he always had, but it would cure the boredom in the end so he wasn’t too upset. “Come on, let’s get going. We have Camelot to rule.” He mentioned as he had escaped the grasp of Blade and pointed up to the large castle in front of them.

“Right! Time for us to play another ‘game’ shall we.” Scythe said in a gentle tone as she had glanced up at the two males in front of her, past the hold of Blade.

It didn’t take them a lot of time to walk their way to the castle and through the village in the lower part of the kingdom. They had each played through roles effectively, perfectly nailing what they would do or say to the village people while they trekked to the castle. It was a touch farther to make it to the throne room and Blade had sat down in the King’s chair while Scythe had sat in the Queen’s chair, Kiba found himself leaning against a pillar that was to the left of the King’s chair. In this case, Kiba was in the role of Sir Lancelot and being the King and Queen’s bodyguard in the ‘game’ of theirs in Camelot.

A half an hour had passed before a few royal guards had entered into the throne room. “King Arthur and Queen Guinevere! We have heard word that the Holy Grail has been located inside the Forest of the Lost inside of a dark cavern! The very same one that has been said none have returned from alive to tell the tale.” They all had said this in unison or rather as best they could in unison, two or three of them had said just a fraction of a second later than the others.

Blade, acting as King Arthur, had nodded his head and stood tall from his throne. “Thank you for informing me. I shall go with my best Knight of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot to find the Holy Grail and bring it back to Camelot.” He responded to the guards, later glancing at his ‘Sir Lancelot’ Kiba and then over to his ‘Queen Guinevere’ Scythe. He had taken Scythe’s hand and kissed the back of her palm. “I shall return to you safely, I promise.” His tone was soft and caring, as ‘King Arthur’ should be to his queen. He had received a kiss on the cheek in return for the one he had given her on the back of her hand.

“Please do. I shall be waiting for you in our quarters.” Scythe as ‘Queen Guinevere’ said in her soft and gentle tone.

With the formalities out of the way, ‘Sir Lancelot’ and ‘King Arthur’ had set off to the Forest in search of the cave for the fabled Holy Grail. The other Knights were busy after returning from their journey to hunt and gather resources for Camelot, returning to their wives and children. This left only ‘Sir Lancelot’ Kiba to follow ‘King Arthur’ Blade on his journey to find the Holy Grail.

The journey to the Forest of the Lost had been a tedious one, but it was rather fun in Blade’s eyes. Sure he had ridden on horseback plenty of times when they would play a ‘game’, but being ‘King Arthur’ that was different and new for him. To be a ruler of such a prestigious and well known Kingdom in may of the versions of Earth was quite exhilarating. It was fun and he was rather giddy about the whole thing inside as he was playing the role perfectly with his ability to do so as it paired with his shapeshifting ability.

The ride through the Forest of the Lost an oddly peaceful one with just the two of them on their horses. They were clad in some chainmail armor with their swords strapped to their sides. The Forest of the Lost was hardly a well traveled place as not many were known to return back from traversing in it. They didn’t have a lot of company.

Playing the ‘King Arthur’ role, Blade knew roughly of the whereabouts of this cave where the supposed Holy Grail was located. But Kiba being as ‘Sir Lancelot’ had been well versed in the lay of the land as they say.

Though it was curious that a pair of the guards had found out about the whole thing if a small amount of people had been known to not return from the Forest let alone this cave where the Holy Grail had been found.

But that wouldn’t matter in this story, would it? Though a little bit of help from some supernatural powers would make it possible for the King of Camelot to learn about the whereabouts about some relic.

Kiba was no fool to such helpful mystic forces, but it did make it entertaining nonetheless with this ‘game’ of theirs. It seemed to all fit into the theme of their ‘game’ and into the roles that they had. Camelot was known for their magical influences. He found himself smiling over towards the ‘King Arthur’ form of Blade and he found it rather ravishing to look at. Granted, he thought the same about Scythe and her outfit as Guinevere. “This way, sire. The cave that we seek should only be another five minute ride if we take this trail.” Kiba said in the role of ‘Sir Lancelot’ while pointing towards the somewhat clear dirt path that had a mysterious imprint of hooves in the mud.

“I shall follow your lead, Sir Lancelot. Ride on.” Blade said as ‘King Arthur’, nodding his head and directing his noble steed with a tug of the reins to the path ‘Sir Lancelot’ had pointed out. Kiba had tugged on his steed’s reins and whipped them once, speaking the command to make the horse head in the direction it had been directed towards.

The ride was indeed a short one and when they had reached their destination, there was a large cave entrance that seemed to span half of the height of the large pine trees surrounding it. There were pine cones settling at the base of the cave entrance and a few leaves from the other types of trees that circled around this cave.
The cave itself seemed to have sprung out of nowhere by magic. There was a mysterious aura surrounding the entrance. Something seemed to draw Blade in. Something strange. He had no clue what it was, but he assumed that it was the Holy Grail. He had whipped the reins, causing the horse to move forward towards the cave. The horse had stopped as if a force field was keeping it at bay. Blade dismounted from the horse and proceeded closer to the entrance, Kiba following suit.

They had entered the cave with ease, nothing seemed to feel any different once they were inside. At least not to ‘Sir Lancelot’. Something had drew in ‘King Arthur’.
Blade traversed forward, lighting a torch with a flint he had in a pouch. The dark cave had become lit instantly. The cave begun to shake and a large segment of the cave had dropped down from the ceiling causing a piece of rock to block Kiba from following Blade.

Kiba tried to move the boulder, but to no avail. It was heavier than what he could currently lift in this form and certainly his role in this ‘game’ wouldn’t be able to move it. “Sire! I can not move the boulder! You will have to move on without me!” He called out from behind the rock.

“I am so sorry for this ‘Sir Lancelot’, if I had known, I wouldn’t have insisted that you come with me.” He called back, pressing his hand against the boulder between them. “I shall return with the Holy Grail.” With that, he had set off further into the cave with the only source of light he had from the torch taken from the cave wall.

The length of the cave had seemed endless. Like it could go on forever. This was not the case, however. After about three meters of walking, Blade had found a large open area of the cave with three tunnels ahead of him. He listened closely to each tunnel before he had chose the one in the center after he felt the same force that had pulled him towards the entrance, pull him towards the center tunnel. After traversing to the end of the tunnel, he had found a large body of water.

A large womanly form had emerged from the center of the water and sprung to his height. The woman had looked divine with all of her curves and made from the water she had come from. “Are you here for the Holy Grail?” The woman had asked, turning its gaze over to ‘King Arthur’ and raised a watery eyebrow, tipping her head to the side.

“Yes, m’lady. I am here for the Holy Grail. What must I do to attain such an artifact?” Blade asked, following what his role had dictated him to do.
The woman would have normally looked scorned or angry that yet another male had wanted the grand artifact that was the Holy Grail that she had currently possessed. But she did not feel that way towards this man. This ‘King Arthur’. She wondered why that was, though brushing it aside after a small while. “You must simply answer a question I have for you. If you answer correctly, I shall give you the Holy Grail.”
“Anything, m’lady.” Blade responded kindly as to his role as ‘King Arthur’. “Ask what you must.”

“What are you willing to sacrifice in order to attain the Holy Grail? Your money? Your kingdom? Your people? A few foot soldiers?” The woman had asked, now towering over ‘King Arthur’ as she waited for her answer.

Blade took a deep breath before answering truthfully as to what he would sacrifice for the grand artifact, though as ‘King Arthur’ would have. “I would sacrifice myself. I would sacrifice my life so my people could have the Holy Grail. I would sacrifice everything about myself and leave it all to my people.”

The woman had seemed to be pleased by the answer and shrunk back to his height. “Is that your final answer?” She questioned gently.

“Yes.” Blade answered simply. He was expecting that he would end up ‘dying’ in this ‘game’ because of his answer. Though it was the truest answer he could have given with his role as ‘King Arthur’.

With one large sweep of the woman’s hand, the Holy Grail had appeared in the hands of Blade, untarnished. She simply nodded her head and everything had gone black for Blade.

He had woken up later in his quarters with both Kiba and Scythe standing over him. ‘Guinevere’ had two chalices in her hands filled with wine, one for him and one for herself. ‘Sir Lancelot’ had one for himself, filled to the brim with the wine. “You did it, my love. You attained the Holy Grail. The entire kingdom wants to celebrate.” She said softly, smiling over towards her ‘husband’.

Blade was pleased with himself about that fact. He thought that it was all an illusion caste upon him from the water woman from the cave. Though it was not. “Let us celebrate our own ways, shall we?” He asked, his blue eyes turning back into their scarlet viper hues. With that, they had managed to cure their boredom and the three of them had become one in a sense of the word in their own forms, but with the same Camelot outfits they had dawned on for this ‘game’ of theirs.

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