The Countess of Trancy – Black Butler Fanfiction oneshot

This was a commission I did for one of my friends. It is a Black Butler fanfiction with Claude and her Original Character, Alecia Normandy.

Word Count: 1,181

Not much was known about Alois Trancy and his true past or family. Though someone from his family, a cousin, had found out where he had ended up after the events that had transpired. His mother had Alois, born Jim Macken and his brother Luka, with her husband, but something had happened to them and they had passed away. Alois’ mother had two sisters; Ann and Rose. Rose had married a noblemen under the name of Normandy and had one child, a daughter. Her name was Alecia Normandy and she was the cousin who had found out the mystery as to what happened to Jim and Luka after they were orphaned. Her aunt Ann had no descendants, though she loved her two nephews and her niece very dearly and often wondered what had happened to Jim and Luka.

Rose and Ann had left off on a bad note with Jim’s mother and she had cut off anything to do with her two sisters’. When Alecia could make sense of everything and was old enough to find out what had happened to her cousins, she had found out that Jim and Luka had become orphaned, that the village they had been through into went up in flames and nearly everyone in the town had died including Luka though Jim had managed to be the only survivor, and Jim had been thrown into slavery by the Earl of Trancy. He had become adopted by the Earl of Trancy and given the name ‘Alois Trancy’. Now, Alecia couldn’t get the more intimate details on how the events that had lead up to his death and how he had died, but she was going to find out. Even if it meant potentially becoming the Countess of Trancy.

She had set off to the Trancy Manor in a horse drawn carriage and the journey itself had been nearly a week. Alecia was rather comfortable in the carriage that her mother had forced her to take though she had no one to talk to on the way. All she could really do was look out of the window and watch the scenery go by. She had nodded off a few times during the ride and got a few winks of sleep between their stops in different villages on the way.

But once she had made it to the Trancy Manor, her whole journey had felt worth it. She would finally get down to the truth about what had caused the death of her cousin Jim…Alois. It was all rather a mystery and not a lot of people knew about what the cause of his death was. So she was determined to find ou and perhaps…little did she know, she would take over Alois’ place in the Trancy Manor.

The carriage had stopped in front of the Trancy Manor. The Manor was a tall one and quite large. It had a grey roof with points at nearly every one of the triangular sections of roof. It looked quite a lot like a castle with the styling of the windows and pillars. The outer walls were colored a brownish tan color. From the road there was a large section of pavement that led up to the Manor with stairs leading up to the entrance. There was greenery such as shrubs and grass that decorated out of the sides of the stairs with some potted plants left towards the outer edges of the Manor.

Alecia was shocked at the large structure and she had blinked her eyes a bit to see if she was seeing what she was seeing. It was like nothing she had ever seen before. Sure that Normandy Manor was rather large for the area they were settled in, but this was simply something else…something wonderful and far too lavish for her.

The door to the carriage had opened up for her courtesy of the driver and she had stepped out of it. The driver had grabbed her bag for her and followed her as she walked up the stairs to the entrance of Trancy Manor. As she had stopped at the front entrance and the moment her hand was about to touch the handle to the door, it had opened up to her. She had blinked curiously before she had poked her head inside, looking back and forth before she had slowly entered inside.

There was a raven haired male who wore silver bottom framed glasses. He wore a full suit and jacket with a white dress shirt while the rest of the suit was black. There was a ribbon around his neck with a dark blue clip holding it together. He wore white gloves and his hair was parted on his left side. His eyes were a yellowish brown in hue. The male deeply bowed and held a hand to his chest. “Hello miss. Welcome to the Trancy Manor. My name is Claude Faustus. I’m afraid to say that the Earl of Trancy has passed away.” His tone was monotone and he didn’t seem to be hurt at all for the death of his master.

The driver had no need to introduce himself and he was to report back to his master once she was properly taken care of. He had set down her bags and left with a tip of his hat.

Alecia had given him a small curtsied in return. “My name is Alecia Normandy and I am Alois’ cousin and I’m here to take over for Alois’.” She introduced herself. Her eyes had scanned over the male who had answered the door and she found that she was having a hard time looking away from him, though there was something she didn’t quite like about him. It was a rather strange feeling she had to admit to herself.

Claude had barely nodded at her statement before he had taken her bags in his hands. “Allow me to lead you to his old sleeping quarters and get your sleeping arrangements in order.” He said, looking down at her before he had led her up the stairs and to Alois’ old room. He had set her bags down on the floor just outside of the door he had opened up for Alecia, allowing her to walk in before him. “This is my old master’s room. Please, make yourself at home while I make some tea.”

Claude knew that in order to make that transition from his old master to this new one, he would have to make a contract with her. As he had left the room to leave her alone, his eyes had glowed violet in hue and he licked his lips with his long tongue.

Once he had gotten Alecia some tea, he had let her know of the conditions of becoming the Countess of Trancy of the Trancy Manor. She hesitantly agreed to it and she had become the official Countess of Trancy with a contract with Claude Faustus with the four other demon servants to do her bidding, the contract sigil on her tongue as it had been for Alois.

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