Chapter 1: Ghostly Encounter

An abandoned building on the outskirts of Indiana. The boards about to fall off and the shingles dangling. With one gust of wind the building would seemingly collapse on itself. The bright blue sky overcast and contrasted the gray Spence House. The building was named so after a girl named Spencer McConner killed herself by hanging in 1872. Her boyfriend broke up with her on the day of their anniversary by a letter. They were about to wed. Then he stepped out of the relationship to go with another girl. The ghost of her kills all the girls who stole another another ones boyfriend. The heartbreak is what attracts Spencer McConner’s ghost.

The bustle of the classroom filled a one Olivia Storm’s ears. A young english teacher with a bubbling career ahead of her. Her brown slightly curled hair waterfall down her shoulders and down to the small of her back. She normally kept it up in bun or pulled back into a pony tail. Her porcelain skin reflecting the darkness of her hair. The contrast and the difference in the color spectrum made her complexion just the right amount for it to make her more attractive then she thought she was.

Most of her male students would give her their numbers and she would toss them onto the metal bin by her chair. She was neither interested nor wanted the scandal that went along with such relations with her students. Her career is her most prized possession and wouldn’t let it slip out of her slender fingers. Her past preserved this fact and lied to her colleagues about it for her past meant less then her future ahead of her.

“Alright class, time to begin our reading of Arthur Millers’ The Crucible.” Olivia announced to the class filled with adolescent and hormonal teens. They immediately calmed down and stopped talking. Minus the short spiky haired male in the corner of the room. “Did you hear about the Spence Building? How that girl died by hanging herself and they say that there was no reason for her to die?” He whispered to his three friends on the football team. The three teens nodded and one of them frowned. “She was dating me…” One of them murmured. “We all know tha-” The spiky haired student was interrupted by a smack of a ruler on the wood desk. “Mr. Marcus, this is the third time this week you have been talking when I have started class. One more time and you will have to learn your lesson.” Olivia said authoritatively.

Curiosity peaked her interest at the mention of a ghost. One part she would reveal about her past was her obsession with ghosts and the supernatural things that lie in the dark where no one looks. The unknown fascinated her since her young years. All the mystery was a pure delight to her. It was her dessert after a five star meal.

Olivia Storm swiftly brought all of the student’s lapsed attention back to their reading. “Now class, what can you tell me from Act two of The Crucible?” The one student in the back raised their hand and began speaking as soon as she was accepted to speak. “Well…” The student speaking drowned as she continuously spoke about what she could tell about the play. Olivia’s attention was placed on the conversation of her male students and the ghost haunting Spence House.

The last bell for school chimed and was music to Olivia’s ear for once. She planned on checking out the old building and seeing the ghost herself. Hurriedly she packed up her things and her papers to grade later into her black leather messenger bag. She didn’t know what she would find and that is what fueled her motivation and curiosity more. The thrill of finding something unknown or rather known but not accepted by the so called, ‘real world.’

As a child she loved to research her heart out about the supernatural. She knew what to use to repel a ghost. Salt. How to dispel them for getaways. Iron. Knowledge as a child, she would always explore the places that said, Do Not Enter or Keep Away. Always fascinated by the unknown. Even in her adult years.

Olivia strapped on her bag and went into the halls. Passing by teen couples and faculty members. She did the traditional Hi and Wave technique until she met the Exit. Her bag swung by her side as she fast walked to her red ’67 Chevy Impala. Now the car wasn’t the most upgraded but she loved the style and inherited it from her mother who also taught her to fix it when it was broken.

She opened up the scarlet door and threw her bag on the passengers seat. The seat belt was strapped in and she drove off campus.

The streets were clear for the most part. A few stops here and there before she reached her apartment building to gather up the iron and salt. She parked in her designated spot, grabbed her bag, got out, and locked her car. She slammed the door quickly. She didn’t bother strapping the bag around her shoulder and grabbed it by the handle. She bolted towards the familiar wooden door with the brass number 2 hanging by a mere rusty nail.

The curious english teacher ran up the stairs two by two in her black flats up to her room that she rented on the third floor. Room number 21 to be exact. The jingling of her keys in her hurried and adrenaline filled hands could be heard from the farthest room on the other side of the floor. Her shaky hands put the key in the lock, twisted the key and the click of the lock hit her ears. She opened up the door, walked in, and set her keys in a bowl by the door. She walked a little further in and placed her messenger bag down on the glass table in front of her floral designed couch. There was a standard TV and entertainment set as well as a kitchen and a dining room. The room wasn’t fancy in the slightest but it worked for what she needed.

With a few more steps into the room, she faced a closet with a black backpack that no one ever saw what was contained in it. No one besides her. Inside this backpack was a big container of salt, an exorcism leather bond book, and some iron. All of the things she needed for any supernatural encounter. At least for what she knew. Olivia easily slipped the backpack onto her back and grabbed her keys from the bowl, closing and locking the door behind her. The papers could wait for her return.

It was a short drive to the Spence building and there was no traffic near it for the fear of dying like one of her students had. She wasn’t scared one bit and parked her vehicle at the entrance to the raggedy old building from the 1800’s.

Olivia stepped out of her car and closed it. She gripped the strap of her backpack and walked inside. With one whiff of the air, she could smell rotten eggs or sulfur but that was the smell of the building from not being taken care of for hundreds of years.

She easily picked the lock, then again no one had dared walking into it since the accident. “What do we have here?” With a quick look around she found her student. Her death was surprising and her skin was already started to decompose when she only died two days ago. “Fascinating.” She brushed away the cobwebs and walked further into the building. “I see you.” A voice said. It made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up on end. She turned slowly on her heels and gasped.

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