Chapter 2: Escape and Blog

There it was, the ghost of Spence House, Spencer McConner. Floating above the ground and transparent. Her white wedding dress was tattered and her neck was raw from the rope rubbing across her neck in her first attempts to kill herself. You could see remains of the rope tied and dangling from her red lined neck. Her voice was raspy and you could see the bones in her neck where the rope broke it. Her head was slightly tilted to the side due to that fact.

“Spencer McConner.” Olivia murmured as she grabbed the strap of her backpack that hung by a thread on her shoulder. The ghost wasn’t happy with the actions advanced from the english teacher. It flied at a charging pace at Olivia. Her reactions were quicker then the normal human but still Spencer’s hand barely grazed her neck. Olivia yelped in pain and held her neck. She could feel a rope wrap around it, but there wasn’t a rope to be found anywhere near. The rope slithered on the inside.

“N-no!” Olivia yelled and searched through her pockets for a packet of salt from lunch earlier. She shakily opened it and threw it at the ghost. Spencer McConner dispersed and Olivia quickly ran out of the building at full speed. Her legs were burning by the time she made it to her car. Her adrenaline kicked in and her foot hit the gas as soon as the car was started. The ’67 Chevy Impala red edition raced out of the streets and back into her apartment complex.

She tripped going up the stairs three to four at a time and she quickly recovered, making her way to her room. Her breath was erratic and her pulse was everywhere with the adrenaline still pumping in her system. She quickly opened up the door once she unlocked the door. Her legs were shaking as she walked into the room and when she threw her keys they hit the bowl, falling onto the floor in a big jingle.

Her eyes wide and she shakily stood up. ‘What in the world was that?’ She touched her neck again and felt nothing. She felt her pulse and it made her think she was having a heart attack or near one at the very least. Her other hand gripped her shirt, near her heart and pulled it down slightly revealing her shoulder. Slowly her breathing returned to normal and her pulse along with it.

She walked over to her keys on the floor and tossed them again, this time getting into the bowl with a ‘chink’. Her next stop was not her papers to grade but her laptop. She rummaged through her papers and pulled out her red laptop that matched her classic ’67 Chevy. It had the upgrades to match any nerd or hacker. With WiFi, Bluetooth, wireless this and that. It was a gaming, blogging, video making, teaching computer that she bought instead of going with the one provided from the school.

She set the laptop on the glass table and sat down on the old floral couch. She sighed and opened up the computer, pressing the on button and watching the screen light up. The familiar loading screen popped up and she entered in her passcode. The desktop loaded up quickly and she opened up Google Chrome. The keys were registered as she typed in her blog address in the address bar of the browser. She watched the loading circle whirling until the page finished loading. Her mouse hovered over the new blog post button and she clicked on it. The post page loaded and she began typing about her adventure in the Spence House along with the ghost.

‘Ghost Sighting.’ She titled the post. ‘Percan, Indiana. Spence House. The ghost of Spencer McConner.’ She began writing in the content. ‘I decided to venture off and figure out what was in the abandoned building after hearing some kids talking about it…’ Her writing continued until the late hours of the night.

Olivia fell asleep on the couch without any blankets and hadn’t changed from the clothes she was wearing. Hours pass and her computer is getting comments and views off the wazoo. Her phone is what finally woke her up from her deep slumber. It rang with the song, ‘Stayin’ Alive by Bees Gees.’ She jumped up and nearly hit her head on the wall at the top of the couch. “I’m up!” She yelled at her phone and picked it up, opening it to answer. “Hello?” She greeted groggily.

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