Chapter 4: Odd Encounter

Hot rubber splashed on the damp pavement. Tires spun and bounced off of bumps in the road. The 1967 Chevy Impala in Midnight Black glided across the highway, reaching their destination of Indiana.

“So…what do you think of this case? A ghost and a blog.” Dean asked his brother Sam as they had reached a motel in the town where the origin of the haunted had arisen.

“It seems…different…I guess.” Sam answered, hesitant on putting his thoughts on this into proper words. He honestly didn’t know what he thought about this whole ordeal. Getting a case. A ghost case. From a blog of a person who actually was there. Someone who investigated it…or something.

Dean glanced over at Sam as he put the Impala in park and raised an eyebrow. The younger brother wasn’t looking back at him. His gaze was turned to the window. “You have something on your mind. Come on. Spill. No sense in hiding it Spock.”

Sam took a rather long and heavy breath just before he looked over at his brother. “I think that the person who wrote that blog. Olivia whatever her last name is. Might be a hunter or something. Okay?” He admitted stiffly. His large hand gripped the passenger door handle and climbed out of the car.

“Hey! Wait up Sammy!” Dean retaliated as he quickly followed his brother out. Who happened to already be in the back, gathering their duffle bags.

Sam would hardly admit to being alright at this point. He was still quite disturbed and utterly confused on the situation. A hunter would have just handled the situation and might right about it.

But this person, as far as they both could tell, was just a normal person who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Some hunters would report their case or problem that they couldn’t handle alone. So the whole thing was rather discombobulating him and annoying.

Dean approached the back of the impala just in time for his chest to get slammed by the duffle bag Sam had thrown at him. The worn out duffle bag fell to the ground. The shorter but older brother bent down to pick it up. “What is up with you?”

Sam grumbled a few things as he shut the trunk of the impala and ran his fingers through his chestnut colored hair. “Nothing Dean. Just thinking about this thing and it’s been a long drive. I just need sleep.” He said, letting out a sigh as he looked up at the night sky.

By the time they had arrived at the motel near the suspected place or places. The time had gotten to 2:00 AM. Both of them were a bit tired from the long drive. A bit of sleep would benefit both of them.

Dean nodded. “Alright. Let’s catch some Z’s and hit the hay. We will get everything ready for this ghost in the morning.” He said calmly as he took a proper hold on his duffle bag handles. He made his way inside of the motel followed by his younger brother.

Once the two had checked in and gotten a room. They did their nightly routines in silence and both fell asleep pretty easily due to the exhaustion.

The warm sunlight shone through the curtains of the motel room. Revealing the dust particles in the air. Indicating that the room hadn’t been used in a while. But it didn’t matter to either Winchester brother. It was a place to sleep. A place to rest.

The LED clock with the red color displaying the time read as 7:00 AM.

Two almost identical groans filled the room, just a few seconds apart.

Sam was the first to open his eyes. He taller younger brother sat up and yawned, putting a hand through his hair to straight out some of the bed head he had received from rolling around so much during his sleep.

“Dean, come on. Get up and let’s get ready for this Spencer ghost situation. Get it all over with.” Sam called out as he moved his legs to the side of the bed and threw off the covers off of himself.

“Five more minutes…” Dean mumbled as he rolled over on his stomach and rubbed his face into the pillow. He never was really a morning person. Especially after a long drive like they had done.

Sam grumbled something as he leaned over and grabbed a pillow from his bed. He looked at it for a couple of seconds before he chucked it at Dean, hitting his mark. “Get. Up.”

Dean jumped slightly when the pillow made contact and shot up straight into a sitting position. He immediately set the pillow aside, thinking about throwing it back at his younger brother. They still had their fair share of brotherly rivalry fights. His arms stretched upright and his back cracked just a little bit. His lungs let out a big gasp of air which turned out to be a yawn. “I’m up.” He said tiredly. “Just no more hitting me with pillows Sammy.” He complained.

“I’m not guaranteeing anything.” Sam said simply as he walked out of the bed and towards the bathroom.

Dean, of course, got the idea of throwing a pillow at Sam before he reached the bathroom. A bad mistake because the meddling younger sibling had caught it and threw it back. “You can’t get me now. I’m awake Dean. Get your ass out of bed.” He grumbled, opening up the door to the bathroom and slipped into the room.

Dean sighed and rubbed his face, leaning the back of his head on the wall. “Guess today is the day we find out about this ghost and the blog.” A small smirk formed on his lips. “Maybe the girl who wrote the blog is cute.” He mused playfully to himself as his ears perked up at the sound of the shower.

After both boys had been through the shower and gotten the shotguns ready along with some ammo. They set off to the impala once again. They followed their trail to get to the place of interest. The blogger’s home.

The two ascended the stairs and found the door that they were looking for. Dean knocked on the door with his knuckles. The sound bouncing off of the hallways and filling it. “Hey! We need to talk to you!” He spoke loudly to hopefully get through to anyone inside.

“Hello?!” The older brother repeated, banging on the door louder and harder this time. “Anyone home?!”

The door to the side opened up and an older lady peered out into the hallway. “Are you looking for Miss Olivia?” The elderly woman asked wearily.

“Yeah. Yes we are. Do you know where she is Miss?” Sam asked, turning to face the older woman and giving her a nod.

“She is working. Though I do wonder what such young and handsome men are doing in a place like this looking for her.” The elderly woman said with a hint of mischief in her old wise voice.

“Where does she work?” Dean asked, though knowing that the older woman was asking why they were there to perhaps call the police.

“We are friends of hers. From college. We wanted to come visit her to catch up with her.” Sam answered sincerely, though lying on the subject of the matter.

“She hasn’t spoken of any friends from college I’m afraid. She wasn’t all too social with anyone. Especially in college.” The older woman spoke with an air of knowledge.

“Listen lady-” Dean started before he was interrupted by Sam sticking his arm out in front of him. His brother had seemed to want to go punch the older woman.

“I’m Sam and the biker looking guy is my brother Dean. We just want to speak with her and if we could get where she works. That would be great.” Sam said simply and in all honest sincerity.

The woman let out a small and light sigh. Though she knew what was going on with these men and the blog that Olivia had written just recently. She, herself, had a few secrets of her own.

“She works out at the high school just a few blocks away from here.” She answered without hesitation.

Sam nodded, “Thank you Miss.” He said, smiling at her and nodded again. He turned to Dean and hit him with the back of his hand.

“Yeah. Thanks.” Dean said rather quietly but loud enough for the old woman to hear.

They both began to leave the building, descending down the stairs.

“And if you hurt her. I will have to deal with you two myself.” The older woman said cautiously with a wrinkled smirk across her lips.

The brothers looked at each other with surprised and halfway worried faces. “We won’t hurt her.” Dean said, looking up at the old woman and nodded, although he did look a bit nervous.

The younger brother was getting a bit unnerved by the old woman’s expression and took hold of Dean’s arm, practically dragging him out of the apartment complex.

“What the hell was that?” Sam asked, glad that they were out of the atmosphere of the threatening and protective old woman that had given them the intel that they needed to proceed with this haunting case. Although something was seemingly haunting with the old woman.

“I don’t know. But that was probably the scariest old woman we’ve seen.” Dean said, following a pause. “Ever.” He emphasized with opening up the impala door and slipping into the car.

Sam followed Dean into the old car and nodded, taking a breath in stiffly. “Agreed.” He said, nodding as he sunk into the seat.

Dean smirked just slightly before he had said, “School’s out Sammy.” To which he had received a roll of the brown eyes.

The 1967 Chevy Impala drove off to the school and parked in an empty spot. The brothers got out of the car and looked upon the school presented in front of them.

“I guess this is the place where she works. Supposedly by the batty old lady.” Dean said bluntly as he locked the doors to his baby. He had the most odd obsession with the car. “Let’s go see what we are cooking with.” He said with a smirk up the corners of his lips and a raise of the eyebrows, a mischievous tone laced in his voice.

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