Chapter 5: Questions. Answered?

Hours of investigating, waiting, and just plain laying around. The Winchester brothers followed the red Chevy Impala to the same apartment complex in their black Chevy Impala. Sam and Dean had their eyes on Olivia Storm, the English teacher who had intentionally had written the blog about the ghost she had encountered.

Both Impala’s parked next to each other and the three members exited their cars.

Olivia was quite preoccupied with making sure she had everything to notice the two. But soon…she would know who they are…why they were here. She locked her vehicle as well as grabbed her messenger bag, slinging it over her shoulder. Her phone rung and she picked it up, keeping the phone propped up on her shoulder as she began speaking.

“Who knew a teacher could be so hot?” Dean pondered aloud, having complete intentions on…getting to know her better in a rather naughty way. Though he had commented when she made it out of his ear shot. Only to be caught and heard by his little brother.

When the comment hit Sam’s ears, he whacked his brother upside the head. “Dean! Behave alright? We need to solve this case and then we can go do whatever.” He mumbled the last part to himself.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Oh come on Sammy!” He exclaimed as he rubbed the back of his head. “You think I didn’t notice you going all goo goo eyes back at the school.”

Sam slightly glared at him as he slapped the car door and stormed off into the apartment complex. He wasn’t entirely amused by the fact that Dean had noticed, but then again, he would always get teased by Dean about the crushes he formed. He constantly ignored the nagging and did the mission at hand or rather case in this instance.

Dean let out a chuckle as he followed his brother into the building with his hands in his leather jacket pockets. He knew his brother so well and he loved teasing him to no end. There have been a few situations that have arose that made Sam go all hearty eyes for a girl involved in the cases.

Olivia finished her call and made herself some tea to help her somewhat relax during the rather tough day at school. Grading tests and quizzes along with having to deal with a some naughty students. Not like she wasn’t used to the constant attention for her age coupled with her educational prowess.

She set her cell phone down on the table and allowed the tea to stew. A heavy sigh left her lips as she rubbed her temples, feeling the pressure build up slowly. “Long day.” She commented to herself.

The boys met together at her door and knocked on it in unison, even though they were having a bit of a domestic.

Olivia gritted her teeth slightly as she got up, letting out a small sigh as she walked to the door, opening it up just a crack.

“Hi! I’m Dean and this is my brother Sam. We are apart of the ghost investigation division of the FBI. We are interested in your case and the blog you wrote about the ghost you enountered.” Dean introduced as he gestured over to Sam, who had waved slightly when his name was said, and showed off a badge to her, putting it away just as quickly as he had showed her it.

Olivia’s brown eyes blinked a few times as she nodded slowly at the barrage of words that had hit her ears. It took her a few moments to comprehend any of it. “Um…alright.” She said slowly as she opened the door up further to allow them to come inside.

“Thank you Miss. We appreciate it. We just need to ask you a few questions about the blog and the ghost and we will be on our way.” Sam explained just before letting himself in and taking a seat on the couch. Dean followed him and sat down on the chair, taking a look around the place.

“Nice place you got here.” Dean said with a small smile. The look of the place was actually surprisingly pleasant compared to all of the motels that they had been in over the course of their lives.

“Um…Thanks?” Olivia said hesitantly, having it come out more like a question rather than a regular thanks. She slowly made her way over to the couch, sitting next to Sam and tucking her dark hair behind her ear.

Sam’s chestnut brown eyes didn’t leave her for a second ever since she took a seat next to him.

The older brother smirked slightly in knowing the kind of look that Sam would give to any girl for whom he had formed a crush on.

“So…um…what made you go to the…Spencer house, was it?” Sam asked with a small amount of hesitance as his eyes racked up and down her form.

The dark haired woman cleared her throat as she sipped her tea beverage. “It was just sort of on a whim… I guess. I wanted to check out some rumor my students had talked about in class one day. So I went there after school and well got the living shit scared out of me, to be indelicate. I-I really didn’t know what to expect when I went there.”

“Did you…feel a chill before you saw the ghost?” Dean asked as he leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and his arms draped over them, hands interlocked together.

Olivia nodded slowly. “Then the ghost well appeared and I fled.” She said a little under her breath, unsure of her own security and insecurities. Even though she was made out to be a more confident individual, she had her moments of lapse.

“This may seem like an odd question but it has been on Sam’s mind for a little while. But, have you ever heard of a hunter?” Dean asked as he looked at her in all seriousness and with confidence.

“Well my father went deer hunting if that is what you mean.” Olivia answered as she furrowed her eyebrows together and glanced in his direction.

“Not quite.” Sam intervened as he turned towards the teacher to the side of him. “The kind of hunter that we are talking about is one that hunt the creatures in the night. The things that normal people don’t know about.” ‘Though that does answer that question.’ He thought, a little ashamed to think that he had a chance with a woman in the Hunter ‘business’.

Olivia nodded her head slowly and skeptically. She had a hard time believing what the brunette male had just said. It sounded preposterous! It sounded crazy and she wasn’t about to think she’d fall for it. “That’s crazy.”

“Believe me. It is.” Dean replied with a nod with a slight roll of the eyes. “It gets pretty crazy.”

“Right,” Olivia drawled out as she nodded slowly. “Well if you two want to deal with a ghost. Go ahead and be my guest.” She said with a flick of her wrist in their direction. “I’ve had my fair share of supernatural encounters for a lifetime.”

“That’s what most people say. They think we are crazy and don’t believe us. Only a few people who run into a ghost or a demon or anything else don’t live to tell the tale like you have.” Sam said honestly with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Do you know where they buried Spencer’s body? Or what they did with it?” Dean asked as he kept his eyes firmly on Olivia. This was the most serious he was in a while and that was saying a lot.

“Hm…I’m not too entirely sure on what they did but… there was a graveyard in the back of the place. So she might be buried there.” Olivia answered as she turned to Dean and played with the cup on the table.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Stay away the place if you can avoid it. We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt. Especially you.” Sam said sincerely as he stood up and outstretched his hand to shake hers.

Olivia nodded a bit as she stood up and took his hand in hers. A small but insignificant spark seemingly zapped through her body as their hands were in contact. “Well it has been interesting.” She said softly, slowly looking up to look into his eyes.

Sam nodded without saying a word, giving her a small but awkward smile. But his eyes didn’t leave hers and almost got lost in the brown abyss.

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