Chapter 6: A Day of Rest

“Dude, you were totally crushing on her.” Dean said with a curt chuckle, looking over at his baby bro as he set his tan duffel bag onto the palm tree sheet bed. “I could see it in your eyes. You can’t fool me.” The statement was a bit bold, but it was true through his eyes. The younger of the two was certainly going to deny it and he did. 

Sam shook his head and put his bag on the ground, sitting down on the mattress in order to take off his boots. Their research had led them to everything that they needed to get to be able to get rid of the ghost. Those were easy monsters to kill. But the nagging monster at his head and heart were proved to be much harder than a simple Casper that they’d faced time and time again. “I’m not crushing on her. Seriously, what is your deal with hooking me up? I can do it fine on my own and I don’t need your help.” He insisted, kicking off his boots. 

The hunt would have to wait for later, as well as checking out the witness a little bit more… and not in the way you are thinking either. The hunt would have to commence as soon as possible, hopefully Sam could convince Dean to stay longer than this ghost hunt would allow.

Dean shook his head at the answer he had gotten from his brother, though it didn’t surprise him. “You can’t admit that you were crushing. Remember Sarah Blake? The auction house daughter from Providence.”

Even as kids, Sammy had a rough time keeping a relationship together. Partly because they were moving around a lot with their father leading the pack. All the woman he had been with had either burned at the ceiling or they had to take care of because they were the creatures that they hunted. All in all, Sammy had a few rough patches. Some of which were circumstantial. 

“You know, I’m surprised that you remember her.” Sam said, shaking his head a bit as he looked up at his brother for a few seconds before he occupied himself with the process of cleaning the salt round shotguns. “But I have a feeling that you won’t back off until I make a move.”

“You know it.” Dean said with a clack of his tongue and a smirk on his face. “I think you should call her up after we get Casper out of the way. Take her on a date or two. See how things go. Maybe stay at her place.”

“Dean I-“ The brunette began to speak, but stopped because he knew that it was useless to argue. As much as he was struggling to admit what he was feeling, he couldn’t deny each blow. This beginning was a bit too fairytale for him, for both of them. Kind of like the case back in Providence. The painting and the doll, the sweet little girl who had murdered her family and even the adopted family who was in the painting with her. It seemed a bit surreal. At times, they needed the surreal, but reality always struck them back where it hurt and it’d hit hard.

“I wasn’t the one staring into her eyes Sammy.” Dean replied simply as he shuffled through his bag to retrieve his toothbrush. He walked into the tacky bathroom, leaving the door ajar as he began his nightly routine which he could allow his little brother to see.

“Shut up.” Sam retorted quickly, grabbing a pillow from the bed and throwing it in his brother’s direction. The pillow made contact, but to his hand. Though that little stunt wouldn’t stop the rock loving Winchester from teasing his baby brother about this girl that wrote the blog. A common feeling of a magnet bringing two polar opposite people closer together, struggling to not show any interest for one another besides questions being answered. A few of those questions leaving themselves unanswered.


The english teacher gazed at her reflection in the mirror, hairbrush in hand, and a violet colored nightgown dropped on her slim form. A sigh left her lips as she thought of what had happened earlier that day. 

Those two brothers coming to her doorstep, asking about the ghost that she had written about in her blog. She answered every single one of their questions, but some questions of her own had arisen to her mind. Questions about the ghost and the existence of them, but more pressing questions hit the back of her skull. The brothers. Why were they after this ghost? Why were they doing what they were doing? Who were they really? What were they like outside of the ghost hunting? Would she see them again? Would she see him after they were finished with the ghost? The whole ordeal seemed to cause more questions than answers. 

“Get your head in the game. They’ll just take care of the ghost and you’ll be left to teach your students once again, as always.” Her voice seemed to nag at that boring fact. Maybe somewhere deep down, she didn’t want to keep teaching them. She wanted adventure, but never really went for it except for that time with the ghost. 

The intense ball of desire boiled and churned in her stomach, wanting to burst from her body. A low growl left her mouth and she pulled her arm back to throw the hairbrush at the glass, shattering it. 

Suddenly her cellphone went off. The tune of “Stayin’ Alive” by Bees Gees interrupted and filled the room easily with the catchy notes. “Seriously?” Her voice said beyond the music as her fingers trailed along the sink, picking up the phone and answering it. “Hello?” She asked, tilting her head back against the doorframe. 

“Um…Hey. It’s me, Sam. From earlier today. I was wondering if you’d like to go on a date with me. After my brother and I finish up what we have to do here.” Sam asked, clearing his throat every once in a while, stumbling on his words and how he’d phrase them. He felt like he was a teenager again, being so awkward around girls. His brother had always been far better at dealing with girls than he had been. 

“Oh… Hi.” Olivia said surprised, her posture changing from lazy to a straight and proper one. “Yeah, I’d like to go on a date with you. Just let me know when and I’ll see what I can do.” Her voice changed tones from bored to rather chipper for a woman of her age having acquired a date from a man she was interested in. 

“Great. That’s great. I’ll give you a call when we’re ready…I’m ready for the date.” Sam said, smiling a bit to himself, glad that his brother was still in the bathroom freshening up before going to be for the night. “Good night Olivia.”

“Good night Sam.” The english teacher said with a hint of a smile that she was sure of that he had heard. She pulled the phone away from her ear and pressed the end call button, the smile still plastered on her lips.

“Good night Sammy.” Dean said in a mocking tone. He had heard the good nights and wanted to tease his brother one last time before turning in. 

Sam armed himself with the other pillow and threw it at his brother, hitting his target.

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