Aliens abduct a human, but the human is a serial killer and he’s less than amused.

Submitted by: VS Amino User

Three unusually thin humanoid shaped aliens were all hunched over the mothership main computer monitor. Their skin held a violet tint to it and their fingers outstretched just a hint longer than average human finger length. Their heads were shaped like an egg with the wider end facing down while the narrower portion sat at the top with a small messy tuft of raven black hair. They wore long white iridescent robes that touched the floor and the sleeves ended at the perfect length of their thin wrists. Their onyx sunken eyes had watched the monitor with intensity in their black eyes.

These three aliens had been observing a particular human family, but with their other duties to the alien colony they couldn’t watch them all of the time. One of the humans in the family did stand out to the others, the one they had chosen to abduct later tonight. This human had dark chestnut hair that brushed gingerly on the human’s shoulders and skin was that of a moderate brown. The human’s eyes had a blue hazel hue to it. They seemed to wear the same school uniform day to day; blue pants, a long sleeved white top with the white and blue stripes on the cuff, and a white and blue striped handkerchief wrapped around and tucked under the collar into a neat knot.

Nothing had seemed to out of the ordinary out this human except his looks had been somewhat of a marvel on their planet as their species were known to observe humans and abduct just a few of them in order to study them. They had this test in which a small group of handpicked graduating aliens would go out and pick a human, abduct them, and bring back their evidence of their study of said human. The test was designed by the alien school on that planet to see if they can do it. If they couldn’t do the simplest of tasks such as observing and abducting a single human, they were banished from the planet and put into exile. So far the colony as a whole hadn’t found any threats of the humans. They seemed harmless.

“Tonight, we will abduct this human and study it. Its schedule is clear for the rest of the day.” One of the aliens had spoken, tossing and rubbing his long fingers and hands over one another. Almost in a maniacal way. This one had seemed to be the leader and the other two were the followers. The only distinguishing factor between this alien and the other two, was the pin with a strange symbol on it that resembled a cursive L on it while the other two had their names written out on the pins in their native language. This leader alien had seemed adamant on catching this human to graduate from their school. It turns out that these aliens were outcasts and losers at their school. So they had to pass it to prove themselves.

The sun had set, allowing the moon to come out and play. Now night had been upon them and it was time to execute the plan. To abduct the human when they were alone. They followed the human in the mothership until they had reached a dark abandoned alley and with a press of a button, a beam of light had shot from the bottom of the ship to the ground of the alley and the tracking function engaged, lifting up the human with ease into the ship.

The human was more than a little unhappy about this scenario that had come about. His face showed it with his gritting teeth and his twitching brow. His hands had clenched into fists and he had a low growl erupting from his throat.

The three aliens approached the young human, unknowing of what the nonverbal signs were of an angered human. They were not very bright aliens from their school. “Welcome to our mothership, human! I hope you enjoy our accommodations we have for you.” All three of them had said in unison, not remotely following the protocol they had learned in ‘Human Abduction 101’. They were supposed to sedate the human immediately when they had boarded onto the ship and observe their behavior inside of a safe zone. Not approach them as they had without any defenses in case the human was a danger to them.

They had all taken steps together closer to the human to comfort it, but that was their last mistake when the human had tackled the alien with the L pin. He relentlessly punched the alien’s face in, over and over, until he had green blood on his hands and the alien had stopped struggling. The long limbs falling limp and fell heavily with a thud on the metal floor and the alien stopped breathing. He got up and grabbed the nearest sharp object which was a long scalpel, not minding at all the green blood on his clothing.

Without any hesitation, he had chased down the other aliens on the ship and sliced them to bits. He watched as their green blood spurted out of them like a fountain that was overflowing with too much water from the rain and puddled onto the floor. His eyes had gone from a blue hazel hue to bloodlust red. A crooked and sadistic smile curled on his lips as he threw the long scalpel on the metal floor, the echoing of a mad cackle filled the entire mothership.

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