A child is kidnapped, outraged, the monsters living under the bed and in their closet vow to find them.

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It all seemed to be a quiet night as a small child had been lulled to sleep by his parents with a lullaby while they laid with him in bed. This was the nightly routine and everyone appreciated it, even the monsters under the bed and in the closet.

The monsters weren’t just any ordinary monsters that wished to scare the child they had, they had grown on the kid. Which was unheard of. Most monsters revealed in scaring their child. They loved being apart of his family, silently as they had watched over him.

Once the child had fallen asleep, the parents had turned off the lamp and left the room. They left the door cracked open just enough to get the light from the hallway seeping in gently. They had made their way down the stairs to their living room where they talked with one another. They had even made their way to the couch and watched a movie together, managing to not watch the whole thing and to fall asleep.

Everything seemed to be quiet and peaceful. Just like every other night.

That was until a strong and slender blue fur covered monster had slipped into the child’s room through the cracked open window, his purple eyes glowing in the dark as he searched for the child. It wasn’t hard to find the child as the Monster Council had records of all children and even had their assigned monsters’ information inside the record as well.

This particular child had a total of six monsters; three under the bed and three in the closet. All of different shapes, sizes, fur coats, colors, and designs. All were unique and all cared about the child equally.
But this furry blue monster had a skill. He seemed to go rather undetected by other monsters and he usually was sent out to eliminate unlawful monsters. This time his assignment was a rather simple one. He had to kidnap the kid so they could observe him and figure out why the monsters assigned to him were all lovey dovey about him.

The stealthy monster usually dealt with the monsters when the child wasn’t in the room. His skill had a weakness, children could sense him and they usually weren’t very nice to him when they had discovered him.

He had creeped up to the bed where the child slept and he was about to capture him when the child had awoken from his sleep. The monster did its best to take hold of the child. It failed the first couple of times, but he did capture the child. Not without a fight before he could slip out of the room through the window where he had entered.

The small room in the two level house was in utter disarray. Toys everywhere and bits of broken glass scattered across the floor from the lamp that had fallen from the now tipped over nightstand. The window was left open and the wind blew the starry curtains wildly.

It wasn’t until morning when the monsters had discovered the child missing. The first one to discover that he was missing was the largest of the monsters under the bed. He had shook the others awake and they were outraged. They all had a feeling that a certain blue furred slender monster had taken him because the Monster Council told him to. Each monster was fuming and they made a vow together. “We will find our child. No matter what! He is family and we have to protect our family! That’s what mom and dad taught us!” Mom and dad were referring to the parents of the child and these monsters had thought of them as mom and dad as well, as their own mom and dad. The six monsters had left the room out of the window and set out to find the child.

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