Love at First Wah! – a Poem for Noodle

Commissioner: Noodle

A Romance Poem about Noodle and Waluigi

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first heard it.


I rounded the corner and bumped into a lanky figure.

I fell to the floor with a thud.

The color purple filled my vision and a white gloved hand extended to help me up.

“Wah! I’m so sorry about that! I didn’t see you there.” The figure apologized quickly.

My gaze followed up the white glove, then to the purple sleeve, and eventually the yellow buttons on the overalls.

Slowly, my gaze set upon his curved pointed pink nose and his ‘W’ shaped mustache.

His piercing eyes darted all over as his cheeks became red with a blush.

I noticed that he had been staring at me as I had him.

A small chuckle erupted from my throat as I took his hand, allowing him to help me to my feet.

I noticed that our hands seemed to fit just perfectly in one another.

A blush similar to his dusted onto my cheeks.

“It’s okay. Thank you for helping me up.” I responded, a smile curling on my lips.

I slowly took my hand back and looked up to observe that hat on his head.

It was purple, much like the shirt he had underneath his dark blue overalls.

A white circle surrounded what looked to be an upside-down L.

The L was yellow and outlined in a thin black line.

After this first meeting, we had continued to contact one another.

After a few weeks, we had ended up going on a few dates.

We learned much about one another.

Eventually we had decided to elope.

Elope we did.

Though our marriage was full of struggles, we had stayed together.

We had much hardships such as the death of his mother and brother, Wario.

The grief was so much, but I made a choice to stay with Waluigi.

The darkness was so much that I found Waluigi in the bathroom most nights with an empty bottle of Mushroom juice.

But I continued to support him and be the lantern in the dark cave of grief.

And we got through that.

We had financial issues when I was laid off from my job as a block maker.

He worked his way up the ladder in his job in order to support the two of us.

We lived from paycheck to paycheck.

We had our struggles.

Our fights.

Most nights Waluigi had slept out on the couch.

It took work and time to mend our relationship.

Mornings were spent talking to one another.

But one morning, Waluigi woke up sick.

Like nothing else they had seen before with their marriage.

He woke up next to a toilet for about a month until they decided to go to the hospital.

With a doctor’s visit, they gave him the diagnosis.

Waluigi had cancer.

And only two weeks left the live.

The weeks had gone by quickly.

I stayed by his bedside until he had fallen asleep in his sleep.

I set up the funeral by myself.

The turnout wasn’t great, but I stayed until the end.

I stood by his gravestone, wiping the tears from my eyes and a weak smile on my quivering lips.

I felt horrible, devastated.

But I knew he was in a better place and that is what got me through.

That is what caused a smile to stay on my lips as I uttered those faithful noise that started it all.


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