Faded Memories Brought to Life – A Poem for Kyou

Commissioner: Kyou

A poem about a young woman regaining her lost memories.

Nothing seemed to matter.

Nothing seemed to be clear.

She didn’t know anything…

Or rather… remember anything.

It was like a prison.

Trapped inside the mind… the body… of someone you didn’t know.

But that dreadful feeling had dissipated one day.

When she woke up one morning, her memories… her head…seemed to be filled with light.

Like an energy had washed over her that granted her the memories that had faded.

Tears brimmed in her eyes as certain moments…. Certain memories had passed through her head.

The memories of her lover.

Of him helping her out to try and regain her memory.

Again and again.

Time after time.

He never seemed to give up.

Images flashed ambulance lights in her mind.

It seemed as fresh a memory as if it was happening moments ago.

As she had sat as a shell of her former self.

The face staring back up at her was smiling.

His mouth still forming words to try and help her regain her memory, his hand reaching to hold hers.

A small laugh had seemed to leave his throat.

Like he had retold a story about a funny memory about the two of them in their early days.

That cheerful laugh and wishful smile had never left his lips as the solid beep rung inside the ambulance.

They tried to revive him.

They really did.

But to no avail as her lover’s hand had dropped from hers.

She sat up in her bed, curling up into the fetal position.

Her hands covering her ears as the memory was passing.

The ringing of the EKG deep within her ears.

The memory passed after a few moments.

The tears couldn’t stop.

Wouldn’t stop.

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