The Best Valentine’s Day Gift – A Poem for K.W.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

A Valentine’s Day poem about Sal Fisher and Larry Johnson from the Sally Face game on their special Valentines’ Day.

A Poem for K.W.

It had been their second Valentine’s Day together.

Larry and Sal.

They had been good friends for quite a few years.

Now they had found themselves in different situation.

They were in a serious relationship.

But this Valentine’s Day, the blue haired male had been struggling to figure out what to get his boyfriend.

So he asked around.

To Ash.

To Todd.

To Neil.

To Chug.

Everyone he could think of asking for this type of thing.

It was infuriating, frustrating in all honesty.

Sal ran his fingers through his long blue hair, minding the straps to his prosthetic as not to undo them.

He paced through the gift shop.

Trying to see if something had popped out at him that Larry would find interesting.

Though he wasn’t quite the gift loving type.

He had been more the rocking out and chilling kind of dude.

Which made it hard to figure out what to get him.

The previous year, he had gotten Larry the new Sanity’s Fall album.

Thinking of that previous gift, something else had popped into his mind.

Something involving music.

He could write Larry a song and perform it to him!

It seemed like a good enough idea in his mind.

So he raced back to Addison Apartments and went straight to the fourth floor.

He was glad that his father, Henry wasn’t home at the moment.

He avoided questioning from him about what he had been in such a hurry.

He had went to his room and began the work on the song with this guitar.

It took him the better part of two hours to get it down.

He had received a text from Larry asking what was going on.

He had responded with a time and a meeting place for the special day.

The time had passed and the time had come for them to meet.

They had decided to meet at the park later that night.

When no one had been around.

Larry had brought the grub and Sal had brought his guitar as well as a notebook.

When they got there, they had eaten the food that Larry had prepared.

It wasn’t much, but a few sandwiches and some dessert. A.K.A. whatever he could scrounge up.

It was nice to share a picnic on Valentine’s Day.

Sal cleared his throat and he had smiled softly.

He told Larry that he had something for him.

The special gift.

The song he had wrote.

He sat up on a stump and his guitar in his lap.

He quickly tuned it before he had started to play what he had prepared.

The song itself had represented their relationship.

The origin of it and what it had become.

How Larry had saved him.

Everything that he had felt towards the long brown haired male.

It was full of heart and feeling, raw feeling.

It brought Larry to happy tears and once the song was over, he shot up.

He hugged Sal tightly.

He told Sal that the song was wonderful.

Better than anything he had thought he would’ve gotten for Valentine’s Day.

Though the singing was a little off-tone, but it was the idea that counted.

He told Sal that his gift wasn’t as good as the one he had gotten for him.

But it didn’t matter.

Larry unbuckled the bottom strap of the prosthetic and lifted it enough to give him a kiss on Sal’s scarred broken lips.

When they had parted, Larry was on one knee and he pulled a box from his pocket.

Sal opened up his eyes and he saw the position Larry had been in.

He was in shock, but he felt tears well up in his eyes much like Larry had been with the song.

“Sal Fisher, will you do me the honor of being my dude for life?”

There it was.

The question.

And the response.

Sal had practically tackled Larry and he had nodded his head.

“Yes. Yes I will.”

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