Chapter 2: A New Recruit

Sherlock ducked underneath the police banners, making his way into the crime scene where his eyes scanned everything. From Scotland Yard to the victim’s body. An eyebrow raised slightly when he observed someone who he hadn’t seen before in street clothes, but the way she had spoke to Lestrade told him that she was apart of the Forensics Division, a new recruit. Almost as soon as his attention was pulled towards her, it was whisked away all thanks to the victim laying stomach down on the hard wood floor.

“What have you found out so far Lestrade?” The detective questioned, not having the slightest desire to deal with any personal issues that the Inspector wish to verbally address. His tall form knelled down neatly to inspect the deceased. Head tilted off to one side as to emphasize a point. The lips were puffy and glittered with a blueish purple tint. A multitude of rings on each hand, each one symbolizing something of importance to the victim which would in turn allow for the tall curly haired consulting detective to create a possible list of suspects as to who murdered said victim. The clothes draped on the body spoke of the occupation perused by the man.

“His name is Logan Chesterfield. Age 37. He was a ship builder with the company Archore.” Lestrade answered somewhat effortlessly without stuttering or stammering much. He watched the detective at work and even he knew by the looks of things, that he and John had a little domestic the night previous. “Is everything alright between you and John? Normally he’d come with you on a case like this.” The inspector questioned, taking a step closer to the male sporting a trench coat and scarf.

“He had other matters to attend to.” Sherlock responded quickly, not resting for a moment as his mind worked. “As did this man. He had multiple affairs–“

“And all of the rings represent each one of his lovers.” A feminine voice interrupted, a smirk on the face that belonged to the voice. The female from before in the street clothes.

Sherlock’s eyes promptly shifted from the body to the female in front of him. He saw that she had dark brown hair that reached her shoulders that had a slight wavy look to it and her eyes matched. She wore a long sleeved dark maroon shirt that had holes for the thumbs to stick out and a pair of high-waist blue jeans. She didn’t seem to wear a lot of makeup. Only mascara, nude colored eye shadow, and some pale red lipstick. Something about her had reminded him of ‘The Woman’… Irene Adler.

He thought it was the red lipstick that was the similarity between them and the hair color as well. It was striking really. But he hastily shook his head of the comparisons between Irene Adler and this new arrival to Lestrade’s forces.

“His wife found out about the others and the others about his wife. They took him out and took their rings back. The ones he is wearing are fake.” She noted as she had crossed her arms at her chest and chuckled softly, the smirk still prominent on her face.

Sherlock’s brows furrowed at the words that had come out of her mouth and subtle wrinkles had appeared on his face. “…How did you…?” He questioned, though not admitting that she was right. She was completely correct in her observation, scarily so and he was a bit awestruck in his own way. He wouldn’t let her take his spotlight though and he promptly picked up the metaphorical pieces, composing himself. He cleared his throat. “You must be Gary’s new recruit.”

“It’s Greg… and yes. I am his new recruit. Head of the Forensics Division, Katherine Lannister.” The dark brunette had introduced herself as she had held out a hand for him to shake. “You must be Sherlock Holmes, that consulting detective that is all the rage on the internet.” It was a few moments before he had reciprocated the gesture.

“I…am.” Sherlock took his hand back and gave her a look. One of uncertainty… curiosity maybe. He wasn’t sure of what kind of a look he had given the female. But he certainly was cautious about this one.

Perhaps it had been something similar to what he had felt with Irene Adler, the Woman, the first time he had met her. But with more clothes this time around. It had a similar feel towards what he had felt towards Molly Hooper.

It was much different than just the two experiences…the two people he had compared this dark brunette haired woman to.

“Listen, I’m going to need my two best people on the case.” Lestrade cut in, knowing that he would need to take the lead on this. Regardless if John Watson was there or not to handle Sherlock when he proposed this particular working arrangement. “That means the two of you.”

Sherlock raised his eyebrow and gave the Inspector a strange look before he had stated plainly, clearly annoyed at the situation. “I’m not doing it. I won’t do it. Text me the usual details and I’ll have this case solved within the day.”

He didn’t work with people. It wasn’t his thing. Not by a long shot. The only person he had gotten on with was John.

He swiftly made his way to the door and opened it up, making his way out of the door. That left the Inspector and the new Head of Forensics by themselves, dumbfounded. Well…half of that party dumbfounded.

“I’ll have it solved in three hours.” The female voice lingered before the door closed behind the Consulting Detective.

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