Trigger Warning: Do not continue to read if you are uncomfortable with dark thoughts and things of that nature. This is not for the weak of heart.


Duality of the mind.

The on-going battle over the childlike innocence and the teenage rebellion to explore the darker recesses.

The battle to win, one over the other.

Occasionally the black wins and other times, the light.

But the temptation to explore the darkness is great.

To see what kind of chilling thoughts come to the surface.

What mortifying and glorious scenes splay across the mind’s eye.

Tugging and pulling deeper.

Deeper into the mysteriously dark sea.

Doing everything in its power to drown out all the light.

The darkness is welcoming.

The darkness is cold.

The darkness is beautiful.

The darkness is simple.


The light.

Shares the same welcoming feeling.

The light is warm.

The light is beautiful.

The light is simple.

It is everything that the dark isn’t and is.

It is strong and bright.

Enough to brighten the shadows.

To overcome the darkness.

Back to the childlike innocence.

It can be enough to pull you up to the surface.

Back to the childlike innocence.

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