I Won’t Say I’m in Love | Woodland DeMars (Hi5 Studios)

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Author’s Note: Please listen to the song ‘I Won’t Say I’m in Love’ from the Disney Hercules movie while reading this imagine because it is literally the inspiration for this imagine. Do it if you want, but you don’t have to. I just recommend it because it is currently on repeat as I am writing this.

Everyone knew of your feelings for Woods. Except for the man himself. Cliche, huh? Very much so. It was frustrating and infuriating. But you didn’t want to get hurt again. You were so done with guys and all the drama that had come with them. But that is what you had kept telling yourself.

You had been through all of this before with every other boyfriend you had, but it had all ended in disaster. You didn’t want to admit that you had feelings for the brown haired male. You just didn’t. You didn’t want to get hurt again and you were afraid of what would happen if you did admit them. To him. Or to anyone else who would tell him of your feelings and you feared that you would get rejected or hurt if the feelings were mutual and he lost interest.

Today was shoot day for Rekt and you were asked to come stand in for Gunner since he was sick and couldn’t make it in. They asked you, knowing that you would say yes. Or rather, they had Woods bring in his puppy dog eyes to ask you to stand in for Gunner and you couldn’t say no to those dreamy puppy dog eyes. For reasons you relentlessly wouldn’t admit that you had for the guy.

As things were gearing up for the shoot to start, out of the corner of your eye you could spot Connor and Woods talking to one another. You turn your head to face them and you raised your eyebrow, walking up to them. “What’s up guys?” You questioned, tilting your head to the side.

“Hey (y/n), we were just discussing what we were going to be doing for the shoot today. Thinking about mixing it up a little bit. Adding a bit of a twist to it.” Woods answered, a smile coming to his lips as he had saw you come up to them with the question.

“We were thinking about adding a truth or dare element to it. We’ve got the lie detector, right? The cheapy one and have it hooked up to whoever we are questioning if they pick truth and they lie on the question, they’ll get dumped on with ice cold water. If they tell the truth, it’s the next person’s turn.” Connor explained simply. There was a glint in his eye that told you that there was going to be something more in their heads that they weren’t telling you.

“And if they choose dare?” You ask, placing your hands on your hips.

“You have to do it. Otherwise you’ll get dumped on with the ice water. …Each successful truth or dare, you get a point. The person with the less amount of points will get a punishment.” Woods answered as he had ran his fingers through his hair before he had crossed his arms in front of himself.

“So glorified truth or dare? With punishments and all that? It sounds good to me.” You said with a small shrug. “Let’s get rolling.”

Connor and Woods nodded, following you into the Rekt set along with Patrick and Mitch to run the cameras.

The cameras began rolling and Woods started the intro. “Hi guys! Today on Rekt, we are doing extreme truth or dare. Since Gunner couldn’t make it, we have the lovely (y/n) filling in for him.” He had gestured over to you and you had gladly given him a smile paired with a wave to the camera.

“The rules for this challenge is that if you pick truth, you’ll get hooked up to this wonderful little lie detector machine.” The camera panned over to Connor who was at the lie detector. “If you lie, you get dumped with ice cold water. If you tell the truth, you get a point.”

The camera panned over to you. “If you choose dare, you have to do the dare or else you’ll get…you guessed it, poured on with ice cold water. The person with the most points at the end wins and the person with the least amount of points loses and has to face a punishment. So stay tuned for that.” You finished off for the intro to the video.

The game of extreme truth or dare had went fairly well thus far and it was almost finished. The lineup currently went like so; Connor had 6 points, Woods with 5 points, and you with 4 points. You had lost on a couple of dares because you had refused to do them because they were gross.

It was the last round and it was worth three, courtesy of Patrick. “Alright (y/n), truth or dare?” Patrick asked, clapping his hands together a single time.

“Uh…Truth…” You hesitated for a moment, looking up to get her question and this one was coming from Woods.

“Are you in love with anyone at Hi5 Studios and if so, who?” Woods had an amused glint in his eyes and a mischievous one as well. His signature smile on his lips that had you melting and craving more on the first day you had met him.

“You can’t have two questions in one for a truth round.” You retorted, annoyed that he would try such a thing and you figured that he had gotten the question from Connor or someone else involved in the shoot. But your guess was that it had to have come from Connor when they were talking before.

“I so can. Isn’t that right Connor and Pat?”

“I rule it acceptable for this round since it is worth three points.” Patrick answered nonchalantly. He looked just about as amused as Connor had been who had instantly agreed with Woods.

“We-Well… screw this! You guys are boycotting me!” You didn’t want to admit your feelings. Not like this and certainly not on camera. But then it hit you. Would you ever admit your feelings for Woods? Like actually without or without the camera on.

“Just answer the question, (y/n).” Connor groaned, throwing his head back and slapping his hands on the side of his legs.

“Please. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones dying to know who you have feelings for and if it is someone in Hi5 Studios.” Woods urged as he had come up to you to hook you up to the lie detector.

Your heart began to race and you could feel your palms get a little clammy. You hardly had a problem with being this close to Woods before. But the pressure of the question, plus being hooked up to a lie detector had caused some amount of nervousness to stir inside of you among a few other feelings.

“Alright, that should do it. Now. Answer away, brother.” Woods taunted in a playful tone as he had taken a few steps backwards to let the frame show you completely. “Do you have any feelings for anyone at Hi5 Studios? And if you do, who?” He repeated his question with the lie detector on.

You had taken a deep breath before you had reluctantly answered the question. “I… do have feelings for someone at Hi5 Studios, but.. I won’t say who.” You knew that something would give it away. Who it was. Because your eyes had trailed on Woods for a bit too long after answering the question.

“Well? You have to say who it is. That’s apart of the question, otherwise you’ll only take one and a half points for this round.” Patrick urged, trying this best to get an answer out of you as to who you had feelings for. Because everyone knew.

“I’ll take the point and a half. I refuse to say who it is.” You insisted, tensing up because you knew that a bucket full of ice water was coming your way to get dumped all over you. Which promptly had happened, leaving you shivering to do the outro as apart of the punishment with ice poured down your back in addition to the ice water that had already been dumped all over you.

“Thanks for watching Rekt! If you liked this v-video…leave a like down below and ch-check out the video right there,” Shivering, you had pointed to the left and then pointed to the right, “And check out that video there because YouTube recommends it to you. Thank you so much, Aaron. And if you want to get a shoutout, f-follow us on Twitter and Instagram at Hi5Rekt. Get Rekt!”

You let out the ice from your shirt and the cubes had fallen to the cement ground. “Oh god that was so c-c-cold…” You exclaimed, trying to make some sort of attempt to walk it off.

Woods grabbed a towel that they had laying around the set and wrapped it around your shoulders. “Come on, lets get some dry clothes on you,” He had looked down at himself and he had forgotten how wet he had been from all the water that had been dumped on him. “And maybe for me too. I’ve got some spare clothes in my office at blue base.”

You nodded your head and with the shoot ending for the day, followed him over to blue base.

Woods had held the door open for you when the two of you had arrived there. He was the first one into the common office and you gladly followed him, knowing that you would get a set of dry clothes from him.

Since it had been short notice for you filling in for Gunner, you had forgotten to bring some dry clothes with you to work.

You leaned against the desk as you waited for him to pull out some dry clothes for you to wear. The search didn’t take long and when he had found some, he had teasingly held it just above your reach.

“You never answered my truth question fully. Who do you have a crush on at Hi5? You can tell me.” He pressed further, a playful smirk on his lips as he waited for your answer. “I won’t give you the clothes until you answer me and please be truthful because I have no way of telling if you are lying to me or not.”

You had attempted to grab the clothes to no avail. You even tried to sit on top of his desk to get a little extra height. But he still had that little bit of height on you. You pouted and crossed your arms in front of your chest, feeling a chill run down your spine.

“Please tell me. I’m really curious and if I’m being honest with myself. I’ve got a crush on someone too. Someone in Hi5… actually it is more than just a crush…I’m kind of in love with them, but I haven’t had the balls to tell them how I feel.” Woods had gotten closer to you, closing the gap between the two of you.

He had stopped when he was standing between your legs and his torso was flush with the desk. His face came closer to yours, achingly slow. You could feel his breath against your face and then your mouth. He was just inches away from kissing you and you could feel your cheeks warming up with a red blush.

“…Who…?” You asked in a hushed tone, the breath barely escaping your lips. At the closeness, you had forgotten how cold you had been and honestly, a lot of things. Your mind had solely been focused on Woods. All you could think about was Woods. It filled your brain.

His free hand had come up to cup your cheek and his lips were barely touching yours. “…You… (y/n)…” He didn’t waste any time after he had uttered those words to plant a kiss on your lips. You could feel the passion and the longing on the kiss and you had gladly kissed him back, your eyes closing at the contact.

You fell into the feelings that you felt for him and you knew that after this…you couldn’t say to yourself and others that you weren’t in love. Because you were struck in the heart by Cupid’s arrow.

You were the first to pull away from the kiss and you had set your forehead against his. But that didn’t last long when he had pulled away just a little bit to place a peck on your forehead.

“I love you, (y/n)…I always have… and I’ll scream it to the world if you want. Even if you won’t say it, I will.” Woods said with a small chuckle coming from his throat as he had finally set the dry clothes down on your lap. A soft loving smile on his lips. “Going by that kiss, I think you love me to. Even if you won’t say that you are in love.”

“Maybe…” You said as your gaze had landed on the clothes on your lap. A small chuckle of your own coming from you as you had glanced up into his brown eyes. “I won’t say it.” Your teasing tone was so tantalizing to him.

“I’ll make you say it, (y/n). I promise you that. I’ll keep kissing you until you do.” Woods retorted. He had grabbed the clothes off of your lap and threw them clear across the room. Before you could make a run for the clothes, he had wrapped his arms around your waist. He had pulled you flush to him and smashed his lips against yours in a kiss. He had put the same passion he had with their first kiss into this one and you couldn’t help yourself as you melted into him.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling yourself closer as you had matched the kiss.

It took several kisses like this to finally get you to crack. “…Fine, I love you Woodland DeMars.” You had admitted finally, rolling your eyes a bit the brown haired male. He had lifted you off of the desk and held you in his arms, capturing your lips in one last kiss as he had spun around once, setting you down on his desk chair.

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