Can You Feel the Love Tonight? | Woodland “Woods” DeMars (Hi5 Studios)

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Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,473

Author’s Note: Again, another Woodland “Woods” DeMars imagine inspired by Disney song. This time it is ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ from the movie the Lion King. Please listen to it while reading this because it was on repeat as I was writing this. Enjoy!

Safe to say that your first day went by fantastically at Hi5 Studios. You had gotten the grand tour of all of the bases and met quite a few people. You had met everyone in a matter of a few days working at the studio.

Months had passed and everything had seemed like a dream working for Hi5 Studios. There were a number of parties, meetings, assisting with audio editing with Woods, and doing some DIY stuff with Sam on the channel Totally Trendy. It was seriously a dream come true for you since you had loved watching the content made by Hi5 Studios since before you had gotten hired.

You had, admittedly, more to yourself than anyone else, acquired a crush on none other than Woodland “Woods” DeMars. You were sure that he had similar feelings as well. Though maybe not to the extent of yours, but you needed to tell him about your feelings. You just didn’t really know how or when.

Tanner had walked into blue base as you were working with Woods on some audio for Rekt, knocking on the door frame as he had peaked his head through the door. “Yo, (y/n). Can I talk to you for a minute out here?” He saw the worried look in your eyes like you had been in trouble or something. “Don’t worry, you aren’t in trouble. I just gotta ask you something in private about a possible idea for a video.”

Woods looked as confused as your look had become after hearing what Tanner had to say. “I wonder what that is all about.” He said curiously as he had looked away from the computer to look to Tanner.

“Me too. I’ll be right back.” You said, getting up from your chair and setting your headphones on the desk in front of where you had been sitting. You had walked out of the common office and closed the door behind yourself. “…So…? What’s up?” You asked, raising an eyebrow towards the tall blonde in front of you.

Tanner shifted from side to side a little bit. He seemed like he was nervous to ask about something. He had lightly punched his own hand as he had looked down to your height. “…Do you have a crush on Woods? Because it is really obvious to everyone and I don’t think that he knows how you feel about him.”

“…I…do…” You answered hesitantly as a blush had creeped onto your cheeks. You cleared your throat a little bit. “…but what does that have to do with an idea for a video?” You questioned further, wondering where this was going to go.

“Awesome! I knew it!” Tanner excitedly exclaimed. It was loud enough to cause Woods to look over at them through the window in the common office leading out to the lobby. He had a rather cute questioning look on his face which you had noticed, your blush turning just a bit darker as you had turned your attention to Tanner once again.

“As for the video idea. I really didn’t have anything for that actually. I got dared to come over to blue base to ask if you had a crush on Woodsy since it was pretty obvious to everyone else except for Woods himself.” Tanner admitted, running his fingers through his hair then his beard. “But… there is going to be a full moon tonight and I know of this spot where you can see all of the stars if you’re interested. I can text you the address and just figure out a way to get Woods to go out with you to see it. It’ll be great and you’ll be able to tell him your feelings.”

You were actually not surprised that he didn’t a pitch for a video and that he just wanted to ask you if you had a crush on Woods. But the fact that he had suggested a date place for the two of you to go see the stars? That surprised you.

“Alright…thanks…Tanner. I’m gonna go back to working now if you don’t mind.” You gestured back to the common office. “I may take you up on that. I’ll catch you later, Tan-Man.” With that, you had walked back into the office and returned to your spot next to Woods.

You were thankful that the blush that had been on your cheeks had disappeared somewhat when you had sat down next to Woods.

“Seriously? What was that all about? He seemed excited about something.” Woods said as he had spun his chair to face yours. His cheek resting on his left pointer finger while the rest had curled in front of his lips. He had an expecting and a curious glint in his eyes.

“He wanted to ask me a question about something and he pitched a pretty good idea to me.” Though you never specifically said whether it was for a video or not. Not like it had mattered, but maybe you could’ve used the excuse of it being a vlog or something with just the two of you.


“He’s gonna text me an address to this place where you can see stars or something. He thinks it may be a good idea to vlog it since it is going to be a full moon tonight.” You said, shrugging a bit as you had played with the ends of your hair.

Woods had made a bit of a face like he thought that it was a stupid idea, but after a few moments of thought, he was alright with it. Though it made you wonder what had changed his mind to make him okay with it.

“Just you and me, right?”


“How about we hang out after work, go out to dinner someplace as my treat of course, and we can head out to that place. We can vlog along the way and play a couple games while we drive there.”


You two had finished off your work for the day and walked to Woods’ car. Once the two of you were in the car, you turned on the camera to begin the vlog.

You had pointed it in front of Woods and pressed the record button as he had started the car, making his way out of the parking lot. “Yo, my dudes. So today… or rather tonight. Me and (y/n) are going to be catching the full moon and watching some stars. But before that, we are going to be grabbing some food and playing a few games on our way to the place that Tanner suggested. By the way, this was all Tanner’s idea to have the two of us go out to this place to get some footage of the full moon and stuff.” He had seemed to speak naturally to the camera and as he had driven, he had ran his fingers through his hair occasionally.

The rest of the first part of the vlog was mostly the two of you talking about random stuff and jamming out to some music that came on the radio. It was super fun actually and a complete blast. You couldn’t believe that you were going to be telling him your feelings underneath some stars and a full moon. But you were also a bit scared, nervous about it. What if he rejected you? What if he just wanted to stay friends? It was so uncertain, but you had a slight good feeling about the whole thing.

You and Woods had decided to grab some food at a sit down restaurant. You didn’t bother getting a shot of the two of you going inside of the place, ordering your food, or eating it. It just didn’t seem like it would be good content and you just wanted some time away from the camera anyways.

The two of you had spent the better part of an hour eating and talking. By that point, it had started to get darker out. Woods paid the bill and the two of you went back to his car.

You turned on the camera to say a few things before you two continued your journey to the place that Tanner had suggested to you. “Just ate. Now we are heading off to go look at the stars and the moon. Maybe we’ll see a shooting star. Maybe we won’t. I don’t know.” You said to the camera before pointing it to Woods as he had started up his GPS on his phone with the address you had forwarded to him from Tanner.

“Just pluggin’ in the address so we don’t get lost because that would suck.” He had looked up to the camera when he had said that it would suck, giving the camera quick half-hearted dab while he had his phone in hand. He let out a brief chuckle and his playful smile curled on his lips. The one that made him look so dreamy.

“Anyways, we’ll see you guys when we get there and the real action starts to happen.” You had stopped the recording at the point. You set the camera on your lap and checked the battery, but also checked out the thumbnail that the camera had generated from the video you just took. It had captured Woods looking up at the camera with his playful little smile.

You admired it for a bit too long as the car had started moving. Making Woods furrow his brow as he had glanced over at you while he got onto the road.

It was an hour and a half drive to get to where they wanted to get to. When the two of you had arrived at the place, it was a grassy plain and there wasn’t anyone around to bug the two of you or to bug when the camera was pulled out.

“Well, we’re here and it looks fantastic. I’m not sure if the camera is going to pick it up, but it looks stunning out here with all the stars.” You said to the camera before pointing it up to the sky. It really hadn’t caught the entire beauty of what it had looked like. It was amazing and magical, you thought.

“But if we find something cool out here, we’ll let you guys know.” You had ended the recording and sat down on the ground, patting the spot next to you. “C’mon Woodland. Have a seat.”

He happily obliged with a smile on his lips and sat down next to you, leaning his weight on the palms of his hands as he had leaned back a little. “This absolutely looks sick.” He said as he had looked up at the stars.

You looked over at him, certain that you were staring at him, but you didn’t care. At least not in the moment. It was nice to get some real one-on-one time with the brunette male like this. It was romantic.

The two of you had watched the stars for a while without saying a word to one another, just enjoying each other’s presence and the view of the stars. You had leaned your head against his shoulder causing Woods to look down at you and he didn’t move away. The overwhelming romantic atmosphere had seemed to whisp the two of you away from everything.

You had felt your worries melt away and you were certain the same had happened for Woods as well.

You looked up to meet his gaze without taking your head off of his shoulder and the moment happened. The moment where you felt like you could tell him how you felt about him. You slowly scooted closer to him and wrapped an arm around his, laying your hand on top of his. “…There is something I’ve been meaning to tell you for awhile, but I’ve been scared to tell you because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. But… I like you Woods. Well… in a more than a friend way.” You were unsure of how he would react, but his reaction had shocked you.

He had placed a kiss on your forehead, a smile coming to his lips. “…I like you too, (y/n).” It was a few moments pause before he had asked a question. “…Can I kiss you?” He was looking down at you with his puppy dog eyes in which you found it hard to say no to. Though you weren’t about to say no to the person you had a crush on since you had started working at Hi5 Studios.

You nodded your head slowly and he had pulled you onto his lap. You adjusted yourself so you were straddling his his legs on either side. He had wrapped an arm around you while his other hand had cupped your cheek. He closed the gap between the two of you and your lips collided with a kiss, both of your eyes closing.

The kiss was slow and gentle between the two of you. You placed your hands on his shoulders to keep you a bit more steady with the kiss. Your first kiss with Woods was nice and you appreciated how gentle he had been with it.

But when you had parted for some air, you hadn’t moved far from you. Your lips had brushed against one another and you could feel each other’s breath brushing against your faces. You had opened up your mouth to say something, but you were interrupted by Woods asking another question.

“Can I kiss you again?” He was so close to kissing you once more and you would’ve invited him doing it again without asking you if he could kiss you again. It was a nice gesture though.

“Of course.”

This time, the kiss wasn’t slow or gentle. At least it had started off that way and it had made its way to a full-blown make out session. You could feel the passion between the two of you and you had loved it. You were starting to crave it when you ran your fingers through his brunette hair.

It was a good couple of minutes before either one of you needed to take a breath.

When you looked into Woods’ eyes, you had saw the immense love that he had poured out into the kiss the two of you had shared. Like he had longed to do that, to kiss you, and admit his own feelings to you. That he wanted more, but he would be a gentleman and ask before he did anything.

“I think that there is something in the air tonight.” He joked with a small chuckle.

“I can feel the love tonight. Can you feel it?”

“Definitely.” He laughed a bit before he had leaned back on his palms, letting you use his shoulders for support at keeping you up.

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