The Stable Discovery | Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight)

Fandom: Vampire Knight

Pairing: Zero Kiryu x Reader

Requested: No

Warnings: Mentions of blood and vampire-ness (if that is even a word), passionate kissing, etc.

Word Count: 1,822

Summary: You are a vampire hunter attending Cross Academy. You come across Zero Kiryu drinking Yuki’s blood in the horse stables. Your hunter instincts immediately take action, but you somehow manage to stop yourself. You confront Zero after class, cornering him in the halls after everyone leaves to go watch the Night Class and leaving Yuki up to keeping the Day Class at bay. You press your vampire hunter blade against his throat, but he doesn’t move. His gaze staring into yours, cold and collected. The staring contest between the two of you deepens until Zero makes a move, pinning you to the wall. He whispers gently into your ear, egging you on. Things heat up and you finally admit the feelings that you didn’t know you had for him and vise versa.

You were born into a vampire hunter family and brought up in the lifestyle. You chose to attend school at Cross Academy, knowing full well that the Night Class were vampires. With this knowledge you had persuaded Headmaster Cross to let you become an honorary Guardian to help out Yuki and Zero with making sure that the Night Class’s secret is kept and the Day Class is protected.

You were on patrol before classes had started for the day dawned with your Guardian arm band around your left arm. You had your anti-vampire knife given to you by the Hunter Association once you passed your test. It matched your father’s anti-vampire weapon, but had smaller intricacies to the design on it.

On your patrol, you were walking by the stables when you had heard rustling in the piles of hay. Your ears perked and you pressed your back against the wood walls of the barn. Quickly, you grabbed your dagger from the holster strapped to your leg. You turned your neck and looked around the corner to see what or who was making the noise. What you had seen had surprised you.

Laying on top of the hay was Yuki and on top of her was Zero Kiryu, pinning her arms down though she seemed to be a willing participant. Drops of blood seeped into the hay. Gulping noises filled your ears, desperate from what you could tell. A small black container with the school’s red rose crest on it was laying on the pile of hay just next to the two guardians. It had opened up and a few of the white tablets had fallen out, blood tablets. The smell of blood reeked in the stables and some of the horses had begun to get restless, stomping their hooves.

Zero pulled away from Yuki’s neck with a trail of red liquid down his chin. His eyes glowed a vibrant red for a moment before returning to their normal lavender hue. He used his sleeve to wipe off the blood from his chin, licking up any excess remains from his lips. His sharp vampiric teeth jutting out from his mouth, a shocking contrast from what you were used to seeing from him. Usually when he had been scolding you or Yuki for doing something stupid, muttering something to himself while pressing his fingers into his temples to massage them.

Every muscle in your body had told you to rush in and kill the vampire in front of you. Your eyes kept darting around the scene you had just witnessed. Before either one of them could see you, you tore your gaze away and pressed your back harder against the wood of the barn. Your heart felt like it could almost burst from your chest and you felt the adrenaline pumping in your veins. It seemed so much louder to you and you desperately hoped that no one else could hear it.

Your grip tightened on your dagger, enough that your knuckles had turned startling white compared to your (skin tone/color(or complexion)). Your breath laid heavy in your chest. Your jaw clenched tightly making you think that you just might break it. Every instinct and fiber in your body said go, but you tried everything that you could to hold back.

With extreme concentration, you managed to move your feet and run as far and as fast as you could. When you got to the campus building, the school bell rang loudly indicating that classes were starting soon. You sheath your dagger in the holster and began your walk to your homeroom class. You took your seat and stared at the entrance into the classroom, waiting for when Zero and Yuki would walk in. Which they had, a little late, but together.

Yuki was sporting a bandage on her neck which wasn’t uncommon for her, but you had thought nothing of it before what you saw in the stables. Zero looked like his regular cold self. He looked normal. None the wiser. You knew what he was and you needed to question him after. Class started and went as normal, nothing out of the ordinary. The duration of class had seemed like it was taking ages with how tense you were and with all the questions that were swirling in your mind. You were sure that Zero could tell that something was up, he always did.

The bell rang for class to end and you felt relieved. Now as your chance to question him, corner him, and that is exactly what you had done. You waited until everyone was out and after Zero and Yuki had talked about their plan when the Day Class had transitioned to the Night Class and the Night Class students to walk to their classes. Zero paid no mind to you as he walked out of the classroom. You followed and when the coast was clear and the halls were empty, you grabbed onto his arm and made him stop in his tracks. He turned around to look at you, tilting his head down to meet your gaze. An emotionless expression on his face. By now all of the Day Class students were huddled at the Night Class dorms and Yuki was the only one keeping them at bay.

Seeing his face and knowing exactly what he was, sickened you. It triggered something in you and you grabbed your dagger, pressing the sharp metal against his throat. “I saw you drinking her blood! In the stables! Why?” A fire burned in your eyes with a hot rage dancing on your accusing tone.

“A pureblood turned me into this monstrosity, a vampire.” Zero explained, staying still and not bothering to move. He knew that he could overpower you easily. He wanted to see what you would do. If you would kill him for what he was in cold blood in the hallway. If you could do what he had wanted to do for years now. But didn’t because of the kindness that Yuki had shown him and how devastated she would be if he was gone. A low chuckle had rumbled in his throat. I’ve been trying to do this for years. Do it. I know you want to. 

It became a staring contest between the two of you, trying to see who would crack first. Who would crumble under the pressure and do something. Several minutes passed before either of you had broken eye contact. You were the first to break and that was the moment where Zero had swiftly turned the tables, pinning you to the wall. “I’ve seen you kill vampires before. I’m no different than that scum.” His gaze down at you ice cold and collected, scary with how emotionless he truly could be. A slight darkness glimmering in his eyes as he tempted you. His urging was hard to resist. He gently leaned into the blade. “Come on…do it!” His tone had seemed like it was pleading for you to do something, urging you. Swaying you to finally do what he couldn’t.

You couldn’t kill him in cold blood in the hallway. Not like this and you were certain that there were going to be repercussions because of it. You opened up your mouth to say something, but were interrupted by Zero. “…I thought so…Knew you didn’t have the guts to do it (Y/N). You’re just like her…Yuki. Unable to kill someone who she cares about.” A deep chuckle rumbled in his throat as he had pressed his forehead against yours.

Your cheeks blushed slightly at the closeness and your breath hitched when you went to dispute your ‘feelings’ he thought you had for him. Which in all honesty, wasn’t wrong. Though you’d never admit it and perhaps in a small part of your brain thought that that was the reason why you hadn’t jumped him back in the stables, why you hadn’t followed your instincts.

Zero leaned more into the blade, pressing his skin deeper into it until blood seeped down the length. The staring contest lasted a few more moments before the silver haired male turned the two of you around and pinned your wrists above your head. His grip was strong and you knew that as hard as you tried to get out of his grip, that you were going to fail. He was much stronger than you and the blade threatened to slip from your grasp and fall to the floor.

Your dagger fell with a metal clanking. Before you could even try to move and grab it, your lips were captured against Zero’s lips. His pale lips were hotter than you had imagined and the kiss was intense. You could practically feel the passion radiating off of his body. He took your wrists in one hand and kept your hands pressed against the wall while his now free arm wrapped tightly around your waist to pull you closer to him.

In the heated kiss, you desperately wanted to wrap your arms around his neck, overcome with a new feeling overwhelming your body. But he was a vampire and a vampire hunter, you were a hunter as well. You couldn’t let him live. But your body was telling you another thing as one of his fangs pulled at your lower lip, urging you to let his tongue explore your mouth. Your mind was having an internal war with itself while your body was witness to Zero’s tauntings and passion.

Your lips parted for him without a second thought and your tongue met his, swirling one another for dominance. He won and kept the kiss going. After a few minutes of the passionate kiss, one of you had to pull away and Zero was the one to do it. Both of you were left panting and speechless. Your lower lip was bleeding from one of Zero’s fangs nipping your lip while pulling away from the kiss. The male pressed his forehead against yours and flicked his tongue against your small wound, lapping up whatever blood had come from it.

He licked his lips and felt sick, tasting your blood for the first time. It had nothing on the taste of Yuki’s blood. It was sweet and just how he had imagined, amazing and addictive. “…looks like I’m not the only one who cares for someone…” You whispered to him as your hands traveled down to his chest. Your fingers traced the outline of his chest in his school uniform.

He scoffed and huffed before shaking his head. The smallest hint of a smile lingered on his lips. “…Shut up (Y/N)…”

You shook your head in response, going on your tiptoes to peck his lips. “Never…” You kissed him softly and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling yourself up to his lips. After a few moments of a soft kiss, you whispered softly into his ear. “Because I love you…Zero Kiryu.”