Samantha Ray Alfero – Character Introduction

A metal door opens up to reveal a snow white room with bright lights bouncing off of every white surface decorating the room, not a single shadow is cast on any object in the barren room. There is a raven haired female sitting loosely in a chair. She is wearing a white tank top with black sweatpants with no shoes on. She looks to the open door and stares at it, almost like she is peering into the very soul of the person who opened the door…you. She sits upright and folds her legs, the right over the left and slowly leans back in the chair.

“Hey, you may not know who I am. In fact, only a few people know who I am. I’m Samantha Ray Alfero. But you can call me Sam. I used to live in a place called Trona in the country of Karsenna. I’m 19 years old, an orphan, a leader, a Leo, with a temper that I’d rather not talk about, and I’m trying to be more patient. Also, I have…superpowers…” She sighs deeply, running her fingers through her dark hair. “You see how bright this room is, right? Well…it’s to keep me from escaping…” She rolls her eyes, closing them after and rubs them with her thumb and forefinger, sighing.

“I can travel through shadows…ones created the sun casting the shadow or if I’m doing the one casting it. This blinding light keeps me from casting any shadows and everything in this room. So…I’m stuck. But once I’m out of this room…say for mealtime, there are devices embedded in the walls of this place that nullify practically any powers that us Powered have. That’s that they call anyone they take to use for their own amusement or advancement in trying to take over the world. Only those who have a dormant gene that becomes active through trauma horrible enough to activate that gene, get these powers.”

She crosses her arms in front of her chest, adjusting herself slightly in the chair. “They are the Company. They work for the government, military, police, you name it. They are contractors who offer technology for positions of power, for say in what goes on. And no one knows it! But me and my Team and I are working to stop them and reveal to the world, to take them down. First, we have to escape this place and keep them off our trail long enough to expose them. This rest is…unplanned, but that is our main goal.”

She uncrosses her arms and holds them up in the air with her hands behind her head. She leans back in the chair, uncrossing her legs and tips the chair back on its back legs. “So?” She raises an eyebrow, giving you a sly smirk. “You ready to meet the rest of the Team or what?”

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