The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 2 – It’s a Pirate’s Life

The waves rocked the Jolly Roger back and forth gently, lapping against the lumber. The metal bird cage swayed side to side with the boat as it hung high on a hook. Hazel gripped onto the bars of the cage in an attempt to keep herself from tumbling down. She tucked in her transparent yellow wings close to her body in any hope of preventing them from getting damaged.

Her blue eyes studied the room she had been put in, the Captain’s quarters. There was a set of four windows that displayed the amazing view of the ocean and the waves in front of her. A table underneath her that was rather messy with maps, the lantern that used to be hanging on the hook where her cage now was, and a bowl of fruit. There was a bed that was perfectly made to her left. There were books lining the shelves behind the bed as well as the bookshelves by the door leading out onto the upper deck. Accents of red were splashed about the room in curtains or fabrics as if it had been Killian’s flare on the room.

A soft sigh left Hazel’s lips as she slid down to sit inside the small cage. Her eyes immediately fell onto the view of the ocean through the windows as she crossed her legs underneath her and kept her fingers wrapped around the bars. Oh how she wanted to smell the ocean on deck just outside the door that she couldn’t get to if she tried without the Captain opening the cage for her. But watching the subtle clear blue waves dancing from the window with the sun shining had to be one of the best scenes she had ever seen in a long time. It was miles different from the familiar scenery of Pixie Hollow. This was all so new to her and as much as she hated being trapped in a cage until she was useful, it was worth it to her. She set her forehead against the cool bars, her eyes unable to peel away from the ocean.

The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 1 – The Night They Met

A light breeze shook the leaves on the trees while the sun rose in the horizon. The orange and red hues ribboning in the distance. The ocean waters lapped along the sands of the island known as Pixie Hollow. Sat in a tree overlooking the ocean was a blonde fairy. To the other fairies she was known as the ‘Yellow Fairy’ or ‘Yellow’, but she took the liberty to choose another name, Hazel. For this particular fairy had a dream to get off the island of Pixie Hollow.