The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 4 – Good Form and Swordplay

Weeks passed from their encounter with Black Beard in the Enchanted Forest and the Jolly Roger was back sailing on the open sea to wherever their hearts desired to venture next. The sun shined brightly over the pirate ship and the wind pushed the vessel onward. Hazel stepped out from the lower deck onto the upper deck. She dawned on new clothing that Killian purchased for her while they were docked in the Enchanted Forest. She wore a slightly puffy dark green shirt with a black v-neck leather vest. Around her waist was a dark brown belt with a golden belt buckle, her pouch and dagger secured in place by the aforementioned belt at either side and around her wrists were matching leather gauntlets. She wore black leather pants paired with knee-high dark brown leather boots that laced up in the back with leather straps that had a slight heel to them. She had tied some of her hair back with a hair bind, fashioning the blonde strands that would get in her face into a small braid.