The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 6 – To Neverland

Hazel opened her eyes to the distinct scent of salted fish and fresh fruit wafting into her nose. The menu choices on the Jolly Roger were something that she was still getting herself acquainted with. Granted the foods were prepared to last for long periods of time spent on the water. It did not mean that it was an easy adjustment to make from having the delicious mouthwatering berries that grew on Pixie Hollow. She threw off the blankets and pushed herself from the bed. She made her bed before she walked out her quarters and followed her nose to the small dining hall on the ship. The whole crew was there with the exception of the captain. They were eating and chatting about loudly which wasn't unusual and it was something she was quite accustomed to by now. The fae watched as they interacted with one another. There was a simplicity to it that Hazel grew to love. How they made the best of their situation and looked out for one another. It was reminiscent in the best way possible to her old life that she left behind in the way that all the fairies were like one big family.