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I got a commission done by her, and honestly it was outstanding. Though we both cannot release the chapters she wrote down yet, you’ll have to take my word for it. Outstanding writer, and she deserves more commissions. I want her to write a book she’s so good! Green’s Profile

Green from Amino

Fen’Harel: Ahaha even if it was poorly written I’d still be happy that my characters were written about. Ironically the way Blade talks is exactly how he did when he was first at war with his friends and for me that is very nostalgic. With what I gave you, you did an amazing job. It … Continue reading Fen’Harel


I. Freaking loved their work, it’s so cute! (Specifically for this commission I asked for). I’d definitely commission you again whenever I can because ahhhhh, it’s cute. Although it did take a few days, that’s fine for you had things to do so that’s understandable. I wouldn’t get angry for you being human! But thanks … Continue reading Keisha Rodriguez (K.W. from Amino)

Keisha Rodriguez (K.W. from Amino)

Great work. Love my commission there is a perfect amount of detail and the delivery is great. I highly recommend her work. Link to the finished commission

Hailey Dowiasch

I really like the way you wrote the poem I requested! I can understand every meaning of each stanzas just in one read. You’re a very amazing writer and I really hope that you’ll get to become a successful writer one day. Thank you once again for doing my request ^^ Link to the finished … Continue reading Kyou from Amino

Kyou from Amino